Saturday, March 7, 2015

Cardinal Dolan tries to become a Muslim Imam

Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York created quite a stir by comparing the IRA to the ISIS saying "The IRA claimed to be Catholic. They were baptized. They had a Catholic identity. But what they were doing was a perversion of everything the church stood for.” Dolan said that, like the IRA, the Islamic State extremists “do not represent genuine Islamic thought” but are “a particularly perverted form of Islam.”

The cardinal added that “the analogy (to the IRA) is somewhat accurate.”

I was itching to respond to this comment the moment I read it.  Thank goodness the Irish did it first!

Paul Doris of the Irish Northern Aid condemned the comments of the cardinal and called for an apology.

"Cardinal Dolan's statement of the IRA claiming to be Catholic and fighting in the name of a religion, and likens them to a despicable organisation like Isis, shows either total ignorance of the conflict and the history of Ireland or he has lazily followed the British propaganda like many of his ilk.

"The IRA has never claimed to be fighting as Catholics for Catholics, indeed, all down though Irish history, folks from all religious persuasions have fought for Irish Independence from Britain," he said.

Moral of this event.

Study your history.

Just because you are a cardinal doesn't make you intelligent.

Just imagine an overweight cleric, wearing a ring, a pectoral cross (dressing up like he is some bishop or something) with cross swords to boot as his so called loyalty to the highest bishop, bragging his stupidity online.

Sad thing for him though, is that all his stupid online outbursts have all been screencaptured by his own followers, and submitted to the Francis of Asia.

Serves him right.

But I digress, obviously.

Cardinal Dolan, ISIS murders people, rapes children, destroys historical artifacts, vows to conquer the world all of these not only in the name of ISLAM but also in faithful adherence to what is written in the Qur'an!

Who are you, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, to teach Muslims and Christians what true Islam is and isn't?

Since when did Catholic leaders and teachers tell the world the true practice of another religion?  Since when was the last time we heard you teach us about THE CATHOLIC religion?

You will be grand marshall of a parade in your own city, in your own archdiocese, and that parade promotes the LGBT lifestyle.

Does the Church teach that we must "ACCEPT" the LGBT lifestyle?

Read more about the outburst of Irish Catholics about the ignorant comments of the ignorant cardinal here.


  1. Cardinal Timouthy Dolan is happy to hear himself talk, without regard to the content of his discourse. He would do well to keep his comments to areas of some experience, education and perhaps expertise.