Monday, January 26, 2015

Self Communion

It is surprising that so-called great orators and defenders of the Faith are against this practice, but when it came to the Host passing at the Manila Cathedral and Luneta Masses of the Holy Father, they all pooh-poohed their usual criticisms after the CBCP president prematurely justified the self-Communion.

What gives?

I am pretty sure that they cannot cite any Church law justifying such a Communion, nor can the CBCP president find any Church legislation to defend it.

End this practice!

Host passing is NOT permitted!

Communion in the hand presents more risks of the Blessed Eucharist being desecrated!!!

Practice what you preach!

Christ is present in the Blessed Eucharist!!!  Defend him!!!

Prove what you say!!!


  1. Before I receive my First Holy Communion during my Grade 2 years of 1999, we were Catechized on the way of receiving Communion:

    1. Through the mouth/tongue;
    2. Taking the Consecrated Host from the Ciborium held by the Priest; and
    3. Receiving Communion at the Communion Rail.

    I understood these lessons on Catechesis 101, the problem today for the Filipinos is why they use hands? During the Papal Mass, when the incident of passing Holy Communion, it is doubting if it is Extraordinary event or not. I would not say if this passing would be parallel on Jesus' feeding of the 5,000 people.

    Catholic Filipinos, #GetReal.

  2. Self-communion is not allowed, except for priests.