Sunday, December 28, 2014

The LGBT friendly shirt of ABS-CBN

Let's put things in perspective, ok?

Pope Francis said this

But the media wanted to make it appear like this.

When the pope actually said this:

And to clear things up, Pope Francis is not respectful of LGBT rights.  I heard from a friend that ABS-CBN's Jobert Sucaldito who says he is Catholic but fights for LGBT rights say on his radio program that Pope Francis is "respectful" of LGBT rights.

To put things in perspective once again, LGBT rights include equal marriage rights with traditional marriage.

Did Pope Francis make such statements?  Did the 'Who am I to judge?' quote mean these?

No way, Jose!

In fact, this is what the Pope said:

So, ABS-CBN, we all know that your network has homosexual talents in your payroll.

If they seek God, who are we to judge?

We do get that.  The Church teaches that we be MERCIFUL and COMPASSIONATE to homosexuals.

But the TRUTH remains that homosexual acts are an abomination and can never ever be called RIGHT by the Church.  Pope Francis did not say this nor did the Church.

It is gravely sinful and immoral.

The Church is clear about this.

And Pope Francis is NOT for LGBT rights.

Sorry Mr. Sucaldito.

ABS-CBN, you just made another dumb shirt.



  1. Did you see the ABS Logo on the Chasuble of Fr. Caluag during their TV Simbang Gabi? What crassness could it get?

  2. mga baliw yan mga abs cbn.. anti christ yan..

  3. What do you expect from a MSM outfit that coddles the like of Korina Sanchez

  4. Thanks for this backgrounder. I hope people are open to the truth not just distortions of it:)