Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Fake Priest strikes again

We have blogged about this fake priest for so many times and here for more.

And he still thinks he can get away fooling people that he is a priest of the Roman Catholic Church.

He is not.  He is a priest of another church that is not in communion with Rome.

Here is the latest from CBCP News.

(at right is a snapshot of the circular letter from the new Archbishop of San Fernando warning the faithful against this fake priest.)


SAN FERNANDO City, Pampanga, Dec. 9, 2014—  Let the faithful beware.

Just a few weeks into his office, the newly-installed pastor of the San Fernando archdiocese issued a message advising his flock to be on guard against a man disguised as a priest reportedly seen making the rounds of his See.

In a circular dated Nov. 29, Archbishop Florentino G. Lavarias shares that a certain “Fr. Jose Mark Robinson Bunag” is not permitted to celebrate the Sacraments in the Archdiocese of San Fernando.
While Bunag claims to be a priest of the “Catholic Church of the East”, Lavarias stresses the former is not a validly ordained member of the Roman Catholic clergy.

Meanwhile, the Diocese of Pasig had earlier raised the alarm on the issue involving Bunag.

In a separate circular, Pasig Chancellor Fr. Mar Baranda quotes Fr. Noel Ormenita, Episcopal Vicar of the Catholic Church of the East (Holy Family Catholic Church) at Imus, Cavite that “Jose Mark Robinson Bunag, also known as Mark Bunag or Fr. Mark Bunag, residing at Krus na Ligas, U.P. Diliman, is not a validly ordained priest and is not incardinated neither with us in the Catholic Church of the East nor is he incardinated in any Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church.”

Besides Pampanga and Pasig City, Bunag has also been spotted in Cavite and Parañaque City allegedly offering to say Mass in private homes without a valid “celebret”, a document (letter or ID) certifying the bearer is a priest and may be allowed to practice as such in the particular diocese he is in.


Now that came from the news service of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines.

Need I blog more?


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