Thursday, February 27, 2014

More photos of Cardinal Tagle in Milan's Duomo

More photos from the FB account of a Filipina working at Milan.  I forgot her name but I do not claim ownership of these photos.

 Here is another beautiful photo of the cardinal, not because he is wearing traditional vestments but because he is wearing the correct vestments.  See there, the dalmatic thing under the chasuble?  That is the pontifical dalmatic, worn by bishops over the stole and under the chasuble.  A bishop wears this in pontifical Masses which is the proper occasion for the cardinal in this case.  See that he is also wearing a white miter, not a green one, unlike most Filipino bishops when they are here in the Philippines.  Miters don't follow the liturgical color.   It is either gold, white or with semi-precious jewels.

Here is the cardinal seated on the throne of the archbishop.  He was given the permission to sit on the chair.  Here he is being welcomed by the dean (?) of the cathedral chapter who was also a concelebrant of the Mass.  I was told by someone that the Goggle liturgist commented that this was the Ambrosian Mass which is NOT.  Concelebration is not in the Ambrosian

And horror of horrors! Obviously a product of Filipinos in Milan.

Liturgical dancing is NOT liturgical!  It is an abuse!  It is an outrage!

Keep doing this to your children and they would think that the Mass is not a holy act but a social act, nothing different from a school program.

Swan Lake, next!


  1. I thought it was all perfect until I saw the Dancing.

  2. For someone who is into liturgy, you are an IDIOT... how are you not able to spot how the deacons wore their stoles ABOVE their DALMATICS which is the in the Milanese rite? And Obviously you are ignorant of the fact that after Vatican II, it was not only the Roman rite was revised but also other rites in the Latin rite like the Ambrosian and Mozarabic rite (that is why these liturgies now, though still distinct with the roman rite have already significant reforms like concelebration and usage of vernacular language. Want proof? see this video of Funeral Mass presided by Cardinal Scola for Cardinal Martini in the milanese rite. by the way I know you currently serve as the secretary of SEDSI now.... I should know, two of your buddies there told me your real identity... Wala ka pala sa misa noong nag Milanese rite na missa doon? No wonder wala kang alam kasi kung andun ka, that priest will lecture you on the milanese rite

  3. "I know you currently serve as the secretary of SEDSI now.... I should know, two of your buddies there told me your real identity"

    Nice try, Edgar!