Monday, November 18, 2013

When an atheist tries to be smart against an exorcist

This is a classic discourse and I asked Fr. Zerrudo's permission to share this.

Thanks to my nephew RJ for the screencap.  :)

Atheists like this smart-aleck guy think everything is like the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus.

But when they are confronted with the grim reality that they too will die, and they too will have to face something in the other side, a reality that their brains never ever comprehended, spooks them to, well, DEATH.  (pun intended).

And when they got confronted with the reality that atheists like them are actually under the influence of their "imaginary" hero the Devil, they get stumped!

Next time you debate an atheist, tell them that even if they do not believe in the Devil, the Devil believes in them, in fact, they own him!

Pray for these misguided atheists.

They think that reasoning with logic and science, their own gods, makes them cool.  And that fighting the Catholic Church is cooler.

Kudos to Fr. Jojo Zerrudo for sharing his experience.

He stared the Devil in the eye, so he knows what he is talking about.

PS:  That atheist student who hates the Catholic Church studies in a Catholic university.  Ironic?  No.  I'd like to call it idiotic for someone who worship Knowledge and Freethinking.


  1. Hahaha! Sir TPC, I was actually there at that seminar, I'm a student in that university (DLSU). And I was REALLY impressed by Fr. Zerrudo's answer, and there really was an awkward moment of silence among us Catholic audiences. :)

    -Ryuuzaki (I'm an online Cathecist under a hidden name)

  2. Sorry, but I am not impressed. My answer? How do you know I already belong to the devil? Have you seen the devil? Have you talked to the devil? Does the devil have some sort of book like the bible which reiterates what kind of people belong to him?

    You are an exorcist which is a way of saying that you have personally dealt with matters concerning this 'devil'. I haven't encountered the devil in my entire existence. Can you prove that the devil exists?

    Because frankly speaking, without evidence, and sorry to say but anecdotal data from a clearly biased source is not evidence, there's no way I can believe this kind of BS.

    1. You wouldn't know Ibiza because you already are. Frankly, I don't think you exist because I don't have the anecdotal data since the one typing behind your name is obviously a biased source.

  3. I have Catholic friends who also don't believe in exorcisms. They point out that there are hundreds of Catholic students in our school but none experience anything of the sort.

    But Fr. Zerrudo's anwer has enlightened me. It all makes sense now. THE DEVIL DOES NOT GO AFTER THOSE HE ALREADY OWNS.