Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Spirit of Vatican II according to Pope Francis actually like that of Pope Benedict XVI!

Pope Francis, in a public letter to Archbishop Agostino Marchetto, called the latter the best interpreter of the Second Vatican Council.  Archbishop Agostino has been a known critique of the School of Bologna.

Our Archbishop, a member of that school, should stop crying in public and start acting like a real Archbishop, or should he weep all the more because of this, that cry-baby!

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  1. I hope you do not give something that is foul to whoever he is that you are calling a cry-baby. He has something that is very deep that he is crying about. Hence he is truly a man more than what you are calling him as a cry-baby. A true man cries for he has the courage to burst out his grievances due to the very deep wisdom he is learning. And it is indeed very psychological to say that one must undergo the angst and anguish to obtain the wisdom of the Ultimate Reality. It takes sacrifice to an extent, psycho-spiritual, to truly understand what has the reality is giving to man by the Ultimate Reality. But then again, allow me to remind you that I hope you understand first what you are pointing out in the first place before you place your judgement and what to an utmost extent, sounds foul.

    Pax et bonum Frater.