Thursday, November 28, 2013

Batasang Pambansa consecrated to Mary



It took a while but still...WOW!

Good thing this was done.

So let the haters, start........hating!



MANILA, Nov. 28, 2013—Some members of Congress and its employees yesterday consecrated the legislative branch of the Philippines in Quezon City to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in a bid to make amends for the likely effects of the highly controversial Reproductive Health law now known as Republic Act 10354.

Head of the Marian Movement of Priests Philippines, Monsignor Cesar Pagulayan led the act of consecration after a Holy Mass which he believes is an ‘appropriate time’ amid the natural calamities that have recently happened in the country.

“So that’s the concern and I think it would be a good help for those who are working in Congress, if not our Congressmen, to look at Mary during these difficult times,” said Pagulayan.

Pagulayan added that for those people who have faith and are able to read the signs of the times they might be able to make connections with the recent series of calamities.

And I guess it is really our faith that will make us understand how we should behave right now because if we cannot be changed and our hearts cannot be changed by what has happened in Zamboanga, Bohol and Eastern Visayas, then we already have hardened hearts,” he said.

Marian medals [Miraculous medals?  What kind?] were given to attendees of the consecration.

The Universal Church on Nov. 28 celebrates the feast day of Saint Catherine Laboure the Marian visionary who relayed the request from the Blessed Virgin Mary to create the Miraculous Medal worn by millions of Christians, both Roman Catholic and non-denominational.  [November 27 is the feast of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, in case we forget.]

Pending final decision of the Supreme Court, calls to declare as unconstitutional were aired against the reproductive health (RH) law, where pork barrel was believed to have been used as “incentive” for legislators to push its approval.

Pagulayan further reiterated that, “we need Mary to touch our heart in order for us to see God speaking to us in the daily events that are going through.

On June 8, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines held a simultaneous national consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary spearheaded by Digos Bishop Guillermo Afable, who headed the ad hoc committee of national consecration. (Raymond Bandril)


We need this consecration since Congress is planning to pass a lot of pieces of legislation that literally came off the desk of Lucifer himself!

Abortion, euthanasia, same sex "marriage" are already being cooked up by these legislators who are drooling to have our country experience the moral and demographic winter or may I say "slow death" that Europe is already experiencing.

This is what atheism brings to the country.


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