Thursday, September 19, 2013

When you don't treat the church as a sacred place...

And when you think you just can do whatever you want, whenever you want it, just to get attention

That is what this joker did.

And that is the concept of a Flash Mob.

As they say in publicity and PR circles..."Any publicity is GOOD publicity."

And that is what they only cared for.


MANILA – Months after surprising passengers at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, members of the Cultural Center of the Philippines staged another flash mob performance, this time inside the iconic Baclaran Church.  [And for what?!]

Headed by the Philippine Madrigal Singers, more than 300 choir members sang and danced to Ryan Cayabyab’s “Hibang sa Awit” after the Wednesday noon mass inside the church.  [People were still praying....and they went HIBANG, which means MAD.  Boy, if I were there!]

CCP artistic director Chris Millado said the performance, which he referred to as a “random act of culture,” is aimed at making “art matter to every Filipino.”  [First of all, a flash mob is not random.  It is a planned publicity stunt.  Second, disrupting people while they are still praying is not a sign of someone "cultured".  Third, doing this cheap act in a sacred place is not for someone CULTURED!]

The flash mob also marked CCP’s 44th anniversary.  [They just showed people how to be cheap.  The leader of the Madz died and they went with this.  Just so you know how we missed her so much.]

“In the wake of yet another scandal that has ravaged the nation, artists once again persist in picking up the shreds of our dignity and sing with hopefulness that all Filipinos finally get the graceful lives they deserve,” Millado said in a statement, referring to the multi-billion peso pork barrel scam involving non-government organizations and lawmakers.  [This is neither graceful nor what we deserve.  The national shrine is not the place to do this stupid thing!  If you want to pick up the shreds of our dignity and sing with hopefulness, go to the Senate or to the House of Thieves in Batasan.  Go to the slum of Payatas and sing there!  Not in the CHURCH!  That damn write up just came from the books of "How to write a bad press statement for a BAD publicity stunt". ]

In October last year, members of the CCP and the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra performed “William Tell Overture,” a “Sound of Music” medley, and “Kay Ganda ng Ating Musika” at the airport. [But why a church?!]

“Gusto naming imulat sa mga Filipino ang importansiya ng cultural music. Aminin natin na masyado na tayong inclined sa pop music,” CCP president Raul Sunico told ABS-CBN News in a previous interview.
[Cultural music??? In a church???  If I can get my hands on that Redemptorist!!!]


Would you think they'd do the same let's say in a court of law, or in the halls of parliament, or even in Malacanang?

Let's try doing it in their own homes, huh?

Of course, they'd get mad, the government officials and those who own their homes.

It's an invasion of privacy!  A SACRED thing for these people, but not the HOUSE OF GOD!

We have lost THE SENSE OF THE SACRED and that is why we just do whatever we want whenever we want it just to get the attention.

Right, Celdran?

And this time, we had a Redemptorist priest to join them in this nonsense!



  1. My goodness, this is too much.

    They want to promote cultural music? They should find an appropriate venue.

  2. We have lost the sense of the sacred because in principle, we have shut God out of our modus vivendi. In our Liturgy, we have painlessly debased this Sacred Public Act and in the process have turned it into a meal, a social gathering, a weekly routine, and worst of all, we thought it was the Church and God serving and showering their graces on us only, and forgot the fact that we, in the Liturgy, have come to offer the eternal value of Christ's bloody sacrifice in our place to the Father in an Unbloody manner.

    Ergo, our pathetic disregard crept in slowly and painlessly in the Liturgy, down to our simple gestures of dipping our fingers into the sacred font and making the Signum Crucis when entering a consecrated place called Church to remind us that in dwells Christ in the Eucharist, in her ordained ministers, and in his people. We slowly did away with genuflecting to the Blessed Sacrament because we no longer feel in its Holiness and Presence of Christ, the Bread come down from heaven. We did away with bowing to the Altar thinking it was a simple table, hence lost the sense of Calvary on which the Lamb of God who takes away the world's sin is daily re-offered in an unbloody manner. WHY? the very abuse on the communion by the hands helped further erode our reverence to the Panis Angelicus. No wonder, many young people today starts to chat and giggle after communion as if they have just ingested a piece of bubble gum, yet unaware of the Greatest Guest whom they have mindlessly received into our their souls. We discarded the Liber Usualis with all its wonderful Gregorian Chants and started injecting our liturgy with folk and pop music, thinking that people will be easily drawn to God if they feel the beat of the Tinikling or sway to the hip-hop yes-yes-yoh, or to the dance-praise that the evangelicals and the Charismatic invented. We thought in this manner the sacred will slowly invade the profane, yet what we see today is that the profane have successfully invaded the sacred. It all started with the discarding of the menial sacred deferral acts such as genuflecting, signum Crucis, sacred silence in the Liturgy, the Gregorian Chants - very elementary, very basic - yet this contributed to the numbing our sensus sacralis. No wonder Catholics today will puke at attending a Mass where the singing goes lousy or the priest is unable to tickle them in his homily, thinking the Mass was an entertainment, thinking what they can get out of it and NOT what they can offer to God, the great Sacrifice of Christ.

    It is about time that the CBCP wakes-up to re-enkindle in us Catholics these simple practices and explain their wonderful Sacred meaning to the faithful gone astray. It is about time that they make the HARD DECISION to revitalize the Liturgy by FLUSHING OUT from it whatever is mundane, distracting, and for entertainment, and re-imbue in the community that the Holy Mass is no mere meal, not mere gathering - that it is THE SACRIFICE of Christ.

    As I often will say: Our Lex Orandi will always sustain our Lex Credendi, hence our Liturgy should be didactic at thesame time reminding us of the Sacred things we believe, NOT an entertainment and NOT an adaptation to the culture or pop taste of the people.

    Our Liturgy should be a Sursum Corda so that our hearts and mind we will have to the Lord and in the process we will offer The Sacrifice DIGNUM et JUSTUM.

    May the Holy Spirit that gave birth to the Church in Pentecost re-enkindle in us back the sensus sacralis!

    Emitte Spiritum Tuum, et creabuntur
    Et renovabis faciem terrae. Amen.

  3. Notice the faces that seem torn between looking at their Mother of Perpetual Help (in front) and these performers.