Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I still wonder...

why great minds in Liturgy like the late Fr. Anscar Chupungco and his protege', Fr. Geny Diwa hate this soo...MUCH!

Care to enlighten me why?

Only answer I could think of is that their life's work of promoting "active participation" their own brand of it that is (more lay movement at the sanctuary than in the pews) and inculturation (more men dancing in G-strings and pan de sal for the host) will go down the drain.


Well, they'd rather have a fulfilling career than return the sense of the sacred back!

Makes sense no?

Anyway, they are just Priests of Jesus Christ.

I still thank those priests I have had the pleasure and honor to be with who showed me what liturgy really is!

Thank you!

You are the reason why I have this blog in the first place.

You know who you are.

Ad multos annos for you!

And for Fr. Geny Diwa...

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