Monday, June 10, 2013

Comparing Benedict with Francis...redux!

I have blogged about this on May 16, 2013 and I missed out the Vortex episode about the same topic on May 21.

I am a fan of Benedict XVI.

And those who don't like the liturgical students of Chupungco and Diwa, the rupturists of Vatican II, like those in MST, SVST, Euntes, etc. which I call "heretics and Modernists"...

These are the people who'd use every opportunity to attack Benedict XVI even going low as to "use" things Pope Francis wears or does which they think are different and much more "humble" and "simple" and *ugh* "holier" than what Benedict did.


Would you even dare ask these Modernists if they even listen to what Pope Francis is teaching?


Modernists know only one thing.

Agree to hate ALL the past in the Church.  Anything new, even if it is not Catholic anymore, is good and should be inculturated.

Need I say more about this picture?

Percy Bacani would DEFINITELY not like the theology of Pope Francis!

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  1. Look what Percy bacani said on the Holy Latin Mass: