Monday, April 29, 2013

And they say Masonry is not a religion....


But what do we have here?

A Masonic wedding in a Masonic Temple?!?!?

Never knew Masonic Grand Masters have civil licenses to solemnize weddings, eh?

This happened in Puerto Rico.

The old guy is giving a blessing?!?

Masonic toast from a single glass of wine and the glass is broken.
What the hell?  Catholic and Jewish wedding rites merged?

Signing of the Masonic wedding certificate.  They have their own city hall

Below is the message of the groom when he shared via email his wedding photos.


Greetings Brethren!

My name is Jesus E. Delgado, [Ugh!  used the Holy Name for himself and is a Mason.  Ugh!]  I'm a Past Master of the Respetable Logia Antorcha de Oriente # 65 under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of F. & A. Masons of Puerto Rico.  I'm also a member of the AASR, the KT and the Shrine.

On January 20, 2007 I was married in a Masonic Ceremony that took place at the Main Temple of the Grand Lodge of Puerto Rico in Santrurce.  My new wife Grace and I (Nesty) wanted to share some of the pictures of our wedding pictures with the visitors to your museum. 

Thanks for your wonderful work your website does in favor of Freemasonry!

Be blessed by the Grand Architect of the Universe!  [The god of the Masons.  Whoever that architect is in your mind, feel free to call on him.  But we Christians have a name for him, JESUS!]

Together in Faith!  Best Wishes!

W.:B.: Jesus E. Delgado, 32º, KT


And this is part of the wedding ritual:

On the night your husband was made a Freemason it was strongly impressed upon him that it is he, and he alone, who must shape his life. Today 1 want to repeat these words "It depends on you" to you both. 'No one in the world can do something that would guarantee the success of your marriage. That you must do yourself. Every person is like a world, and much wisdom and much love is necessary to ensure two persons - two worlds - can live together in harmony. 1 wish you both Health, Blessings and Prosperity* on your path to life's happiness.

See that?  The Mason alone shapes his life and the bride and groom alone can make their wedding a success.


Why would I join Masonry when Christianity offers Christ to us to help us shape our lives, with our cooperation, of course, and for the Christian Family to prosper under the mantle of Christ's protection with the Blessed Mother and St. Joseph as our patrons.

And they say that Masonry is not a religion?


Still wondering what will happen to the Archbishop of Marseilles who admitted to being a Mason.

For more photos and the entire Masonic wedding ritual, click here.

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