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Crappy Article about the Papal Installation from the Inquirer

The last papal coronation

From the Inquirer

It was a lengthy article but I'd get straight to the parts where I found glaring factual errors.


It was Paul VI (1963-1978) who instituted broad papal changes that continue to affect the Church today. It was also Paul who mandated that cardinals who have reached 80 years old will not be eligible to take part in a papal conclave.  [Ok, so far so good.]

Although there are 155 cardinals in the world today, only 115 took part in the recent conclave.  [Because of the prohibition against cardinals aged 80 above joining the conclave.]

Also upon receiving the tiara in 1963, Paul VI promptly sold his crown [uhmmm... promptly?  Paul VI was crowned in June 1963 and he kept using it until he placed the tiara on the altar of St. Peter's on November 1963.   5 months is PROMPTLY??? I think that time lapse is not PROMPTLY.] to the Americans [Uhhmm...not to the Americans.  He was about to sell it to those who wants it but the American Cardinal Francis Spellman bought it and the tiara is now in display in the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington DC]. and abolished the practice of coronation, [uhmmm...Paul VI did not.  In fact, the Apostolic Constitution Romano Pontifici Eligendo, promulgated by Paul VI mentions the term coronation.  It was the Apostolic Constition, Universi Dominici Gregis of John Paul II that removed any mention of a coronation.  So, obviously, the writer did not do his homework.]  the better for the papacy to shed its absolutist monarchist traces.  [uhmmm... John Paul II said during his homily in his Papal Inaugural Mass: "The last Pope to be crowned was Paul VI in 1963, but after the solemn coronation ceremony he never used the tiara again and left his Successors free to decide in this regard. Pope John Paul I, whose memory is so vivid in our hearts, did not wish to have the tiara; nor does his Successor wish it today. This is not the time to return to a ceremony and an object considered, wrongly, to be a symbol of the temporal power of the Popes."  Notice that?  WRONGLY considered!  And Zulueta is one of those who again WRONGLY considered the meaning of the tiara.  Whether the Pope wears the tiara or not, Catholic Theology and Vatican City State Laws still give the Pope ABSOLUTE powers.  So whether he is wearing three crowns stacked as one, he still IS a monarch.]

In the installations of the next popes, the tiara would remain, [weh?  remain???  In the installation of John Paul I, John Paul II and Benedict XVI, the tiara was nowhere!] but it would be lodged on the head of the ebony statue of St. Peter, [only during the feast of St. Peter and Paul in June!] the first Pope, in the basilica named after him, which is the biggest church in the world.

The tiara that will now be lodged on the head of St. Peter will bear the Latin titles of the three ministries of Christ [now?  It has been tradition ever since to clothe that statue of St. Peter in papal vestments and with the papal tiara even before Vatican II.  NOW???] that his Vicar—the Pope—should perform: as Teacher, Prophet and Servant. [WAH?!  Where in the world did he get these things?  Is this another one of those Vicarius Filii Dei tiara hoax?]  John Paul II abolished the practice of the cardinals paying public fealty to the new Pope during the installation ceremonies. [WHAT?!  John Paul didn't!  In fact it was Benedict who did so only to put it back before his resignation on Feb.28 via a Motu Propio!]  During his installation in 2005, Benedict reaffirmed the innovation of his predecessor and received merely the homage of the representative cardinals of the various churches.  [WHAT?!?!  There were only three cardinals who did not give him "homage" but pledge obedience.the senior Cardinal bishop, the Cardinal protopriest, the Cardinal protodeacon, the bishop of Benedict's former suburbicarian diocese of Velletri-Segni, the priest serving as pastor of Benedict's former titular church when he was a Cardinal priest, a deacon, a religious brother, a Benedictine nun, a married couple from Korea, and a young woman from Sri Lanka and a young man from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, both being recently confirmed before the Mass.]

But before he stepped down on Feb. 28, Benedict issued a decree to restore the practice, so that all of the cardinal-electors will have to be present in his installation Tuesday to pay public homage to Francis.

It was also Benedict who widened the pallium, [widened!] the tie-like collar whose end extends down to the floor that the Pope traditionally wears in solemn liturgical events.  [Only during Mass not ALL solemn liturgical events.  Geewhiz!  The author is nauseating.]

As a result, Francis, noted for his simple fashion statements, will have to follow the example of Benedict and wear a wider and more fashion-elaborate pallium.  [See that obvious jab against Benedict?  Francis is simple but he was forced to wear the fashion - elaborate pallium of Benedict.  Boohoo!  You even got your facts wrongly!  The omophorion type of pallium that Benedict had in his Inaugural Mass was abandoned after he left in in the tomb of St. Celestine V.  What Benedict wore and Francis is wearing is a larger version of the pallium currently bestowed on metropolitan archbishops.  And to use the adjective "fashion-elaborate" is nothing more than an obvious jab against the pope emeritus!]

Wide or narrow, the pallium symbolizes the Christ-like qualities of the Pope and the need for him to follow the example of Jesus. It is brought together by three pins symbolizing the three nails that impaled Christ on the cross.  [Oh brother.  He doesn't even know what the pallium stands for.  Just read it here.  I am getting tired correcting this work.]

During the installation, Francis will receive the so-called fisherman’s ring (St. Peter was a fisherman). No design yet has emerged for the ring. [And he is not even updated with the latest press briefing from the Vatican which this lowly blogger hidden away in an office in Manila was able to blog about.  Blogger beats Journalist about Papal Inaugural Mass.  Now that is news for you.  Later...........Journalist bites Blogger.  Nah.  Man bites dog still is tacky.]  In the past, Popes received rings with the symbol of a fisherman’s boat.  [Weh???  Did he see what Pius IX wore?]

Also not yet known is the papal motto.

As Buenos Aires archbishop, Pope Francis’s motto was “Miserando atque eligendo” (Lowly, but chosen”). [Common mistake by the media.  The exact Latin translation is "By showing compassion and by choosing"  Read it here.] John Paul’s motto was “Totus tuus” (Truly yours), [TOTALLY Yours] while Benedict’s was “Cooperatores Veritatis,” which means “Coworkers of the Truth.”  [Cooperators of the Truth!  Aaarrggghhh!]



Where in the world did he get his facts?!

Is the Inquirer desperately looking for a fact checker for articles about the Church?  Please I am willing to volunteer.

On second thought, this IS the Inquirer.

Facts about the Church are not their priority.

PS:  This looks like a bloody term paper.  Look at all the red marks!  LOL!

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