Friday, October 14, 2011

What you don't know won't hurt you.

That is why, they don't want you to know!


MANILA, Oct. 14, 2011–Despite the celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month every year in October, the connection between cancer and oral contraceptives use is never addressed, a Cebu-based physician said [Well, will you expect pharmaceutical companies to talk about this when in fact non-education of the risks of artificial contraceptives gives them more money?]

Cebu-based Human Life International (HLI) Pilipinas director Dr. Rene Josef Bullecer pointed out that it is ironic that the celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month only focuses on its campaign on the cause, prevention and treatment of the disease, and patently ignore the connection between cancer and oral contraceptives[Well, I guess we can expect Elizabeth Angsioco and her minions to deny this.  What if we see them gobbling up a bottle of contraceptives on live TV, eh?]

Major events such as seminars, fun runs/walks, free clinics and features on breast cancer survivors have been lined up to mark the month-long celebration, and “of course these activities are very commendable,” he said.  [But where is the talk about contraceptives playing a part in breast cancer?]

“But I was viewing a local TV program several nights ago where the guests — obstetricians and an event director — discussed the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, how to avoid breast cancer and the contributory factors on how women may be afflicted with breast cancer. I was shocked that they never mentioned the role of oral contraceptives in triggering breast cancer. One of the doctor-panelists even denied the pill-cancer connection,” Bullecer related.  [Ask that doctor-panelist where he/she goes for vacation and who pays for that.  :D]

As a doctor of medicine and a pro-life fighter, I cannot afford to just close my eyes and ears to the truth that the use of oral contraceptive pills as well as Depo-Provera injectables can cause cancer, as the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) of the World Health Organization (WHO) declared on July 29, 2005 that ‘artificial contraceptives’ are ‘carcinogenic,’ at par with cigarettes and asbestos,” he pointed out.  [Even after the studies were released by the IARC and WHO, the pro-RH people still call the evidence myths!  Where is Big Foot when you needed him?]

“Artificial contraceptives can trigger cancer of the breast, cervix and liver,” he added.

Besides the WHO declaration, Department of Health (DOH) former chief Dr. Esperanza Cabral also admitted in an April 2011 interview over DZIQ that contraceptive pills increase the risk of breast cancer[And yet Cabral is still all for OCPs!]

I really pity our women — for more than 40 years since the artificial family planning program started in 1967, women were never told about the horrible medical side-effects of these pills,” Bullecer said.  [And since 1967, the contraceptive agenda is a dismal failure.  And their solution?  MORE CONTRACEPTIVES!]

“How many hundreds of thousands of Filipina mothers have died because of cancers, stroke, hypertension, diabetes triggered by oral contraceptive use? Who will speak for these helpless victims?” he said further.

I am challenging all doctors, nurses and midwives in this country, particularly those working in the government or NGOs who vigorously promote these products in their day-to-day campaign, and I dare them to speak up for the truth (or they are themselves traitors to their own patients and countrymen) and expose the hidden agenda of the multi-billion peso pill manufacturers at the expense of the health and lives of Filipino women,” the doctor said.

With the sinister RH Bill pushed in both chambers [of Congress], can the proponents say we never knew about these? And then even proudly declare that the RH Bill is pro-women?” he asked. (CBCP for Life)


KUDOS to Dr. Rene Josef Bullecer!!!


Ever wonder what your medical history case files really mean?

I got this from friends in the pharmaceutical industry and doctors themselves.


Remember SM Advantage Cards?

They work the same.

Even before SM got the idea, the pharma companies were doing that to doctors.  It is a simple case of the med rep is the salesman and the doctor the distributor.  Hit your target, you get your rebate or reward.  Simple.

I got a doctor to admit to me that her trip with his husband was shouldered by the pharma company who made the infant formula she recommends to my baby.  And not only that, she got to buy a whole new set of luggage from a "Travel Club" thingy, all paid for the pharma company PLUS pocket money.

Now you know why, even after the government goes after doctors for their income taxes, some doctors still would not want to issue receipts?

And this whole RH thing.

It's all about the money, money, money.  They need our money, money, money.

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