Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Benedictine Altar Arrangement in Sto. Domingo

Seen during the last Mass for the Novena to Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary of La Naval in the National Shrine.

Will this be seen in Manila Cathedral?

How bout it, Fr. Genny and Fr. Godwin and Fr. Reginald, eh?

Praying...... :)


PS:  The Mass proper songs in this Mass were in Latin (Missa De Angelis)

Will this be seen in Manila......

Well, just pray!


  1. My understanding is that Sto. Domingo uses this altar arrangement only for major occasions, but not for the usual Sunday Masses.

  2. Yey, Diocese of Cubao!

    Well, I was a bit sad last Sunday... There was a Mass at CINEMA 5 of GATEWAY MALL for the opening of Bl. John Paul's exhibit.

    The Mass was celebrated by the Bishop... I forgot the name. But the altar, before the Mass was set by one of the MC, Sir Dave, with a cross facing the priest with candles.

    During the Gloria, a priest, well, he is a student of liturgy at San Beda, and director of liturgy of the diocese - as what I heard, asked one server to set the cross FACING THE PEOPLE!!!

    All were disturbed during the Mass and was surprising.

    I saw Fr. Quilongquilong of Ateneo, Bishop, and Dave talking about the cross after the Mass.

    No light yet for the Cathedral of my diocese...

  3. I had a chance to visit the Loyola House of Studies... I was surprised seeing candles and a cross at the altar!

    What's happening with Ateneo??? Our Lady's intercession is so powerful!

    Thank you, Father Rector!


    I had the chance listen to some Jesuit scholastics. They're talking about their new LSH Rector, Fr. Q. The rector has a mandate:

    "No one must celebrate or concelebrate wearing secular clothes (for Jesuit priests). Please wear an Alb. If you don't want to wear one, better for you to attend the Mass."

  4. It's ugly why it's impeding the view, it impedes the people from viewing the greatest miracle, the miracle of the eucharist, God would prefer him represented in the forms of Bread and Wine rather that a golden crucifix that produces glare when lit

  5. You think that crucifix is too big to block the view of the Host being raised after the Consecration?

    And if this were the case then, Pope Benedict must be committing a lot of "ugly" things in his Masses.

    Why not try ad orientem? That way we all get a nice view of the Host being raised and we all face the same direction when worshiping.

  6. I prefer this Altar Arrangement nowadays, I am a Traditional Catholic now, nakakalungkot na hindi na ganyan for #LaNavalDeManila2015