Friday, September 16, 2011

Sen. Miriam really needs her medicine!

From the Philippine Star.


TO Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago, scientist Nicolaus Copernicus and supporters of the controversial Reproductive Health bill have something in common – both are “tortured” for believing in something that the Catholic Church is opposing[Uhm.  What was that?!]

The feisty [arrogant, bren...]senator, who is the principal author of Senate Bill 2865, found a welcoming audience at the UP College of Law – her alma mater – which held a forum Thursday attended by throngs of students and advocates on the controversial bill.

Santiago’s remarks drew applause when she made reference to the fate of Copernicus, who was executed for saying the earth revolved around the sun at a time when the Church’s dogma was that the earth was the center of the universe[A lot of STUPID things here.  First, Copernicus was never executed.  He died a peaceful death after suffering a stroke.  He, like Galileo, is buried inside a Catholic church.  Is that the place to bury someone who fell into disrepute with the Church?  Maybe Celdran and Santiago, but not Copernicus, who was also a canon of Warmia.  Second, paleocentrism was, is and will never ever be DOGMA!  Geez!  And this is the woman who kept bragging about her unfinished degree at Maryhill School of Theology!  Now you know what kind of graduates they have there!]

“They (Church) tortured him (Copernicus). Now they’re torturing us… What the…,” she said, eliciting laughter from the audience.  [Uhm...there is a medical term for those who think people are after them.]

According to Santiago, majority of Catholic countries have passed their versions of the RH bill, and that the Philippines is among the only six of 48 recently profiled not to have it.

Santiago cited even Italy “where the Vatican is located” has it.  [So?!]

To Santiago, it is even inaccurate to use the term “Catholic Church” in referring to the anti-RH group.

“The more accurate term is ‘Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines,’ because the CBCP is not the entirety of the Catholic Church,” she said.  [Well, how about the Knights of Columbus?  Couples for Christ?  Lay Catholics who are members of Filipinos For Life, of Pro-Life Philippines?  So, are they members of the CBCP?]

“Under the more enlightened philosophy of Vatican 2, the Church is not the pope or the bishops or the priests,” Santiago added.  [Nor is it about MST.]


I just can imagine why the students were clapping and laughing, as mentioned above.

This image comes to mind.

If you have politicians like Miriam Santiago elected into office, then believe me folks, I will never ever be frustrated if someone like this guy becoming senator.

Well, the only difference with him and Miriam is that Mr. Bean is acting like a fool, while Miriam does not have to try hard.  It comes so naturally, she deserves an Oscar for it.

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  1. Lumalabas ang kabobhan sa pagdepensa ng isang saligang batas na puro kasinungalingan. Ang boba ni Miriam. Dapat d'yan hindi na iboto. Sayang lang ang pasweldo ko sa kanya.