Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More Pinoys still trust the Catholic Church

From UCANews


OVER half the people in a recent survey rank the Church among the most trusted institutions in the country, thereby highlighting the importance of its role in society, several bishops told Church-run Radio Veritas Monday.  [Now what would the anti-Catholics in the MSM would say about it, eh?]

It shows the Church is important to people, especially in the lives of the poor,” said Bishop Arturo Bastes of Sorsogon.

“We are very happy with these survey results,” Bishop Bastes added. [Uhm...]

Public relations firm EON Inc released the results of a survey for its Philippine Trust Index on September 15 to measure the level of public trust in private, government and non-governmental organizations.

Results showed that 51 percent of respondents had “great trust” in the Church, EON revealed. The media was the next most-trusted institution, with 22 percent, while the government garnered the lowest trust rating at seven percent[Now that is the reason why the media is going on an all out war against the Church.  They want first place!]

EON said 500 people aged 25-60 years old, who had completed college education, were interviewed for the survey.  [Oh no.  How about those who did not have a college education?  How about the poor?  Remember how the RH people are in those parts of society?  And how they shape anti-Catholic sentiments?]

Bishop Bastes praised people for their faith in “divine intervention.”

This enables them to trust the Church “despite its defects,” he said.

Most interviews were conducted before the controversy over motor vehicle gifts to bishops by the government lottery office.

Archbishop Antonio Ledesma of Cagayan de Oro said he believes people trust the Church because they recognize its attempts to uphold morals and faith.


Attitudes are born from perceptions.

And perceptions are shaped by the media which the Church first built.

That is how the devil works.

So, as the old saying goes,

Don't believe everything you see on TV.


  1. Of course. The Church can resist hell while the government will go to hell!

  2. "Most interviews were conducted before the controversy over motor vehicle gifts to bishops by the government lottery office" caught my eye. Hope they would make another survey after the controversy over the motor vehicle "gifts." See how that affected public perception.

    Anyway, in one sense, I'm elated that only people with a college education were polled because the enemies of Holy Mother Church love to preach that education supposedly frees minds from the alleged brainwashing by Holy Mother Church. This poll just proves how gravely mistaken our foes are.

  3. It's always been the experience of the Church as it journeys in the humsn drama of history
    "18 If the world hate you, know that it has hated me before you. 19 If you had been of the world, the world would love its own: but because you are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hates you." [John 15:18-19,]