Monday, May 2, 2011

The network wars and the beatification of Bl. John Paul II

I watched the Beatification Ceremony on two channels, ABS-CBN and GMA NewsTV.

The supposedly "Catholic" ABS-CBN did not live up to its promise.  It only gave snippets of the Mass, more like stingers or newsbreaks.  Born-again GMA NewsTV on the other hand, broadcasted the entire ceremony.

And ABS-CBN whined to death that they were not given the chance to cover the Papal visit in 1995 and the 10th World Youth Day in Manila?  Check your priorities at the door folks!

Arnold Clavio calls the thurible, "chalice".

Korina Sanchez says that after the Pope and the cardinals venerate the body of Blessed John Paul II, the "outside public" will be allowed to go into the Basilica.  So, there is an "inside public"?

Well, the problem with these broadcasters if that, even if they are not Catholics, they should stop acting that they know what they are talking about.  And some who call themselves Catholics, pretend that they know everything about the Church.

Award - winning and credible, eh?

So you think?


  1. These news anchors Should learn some details before they will report.

    Hahahah Hey Arnold that's a thurible Not a "Chalice". And also correct me if I'm wrong Korina Sanchez called the reliquary that contains the blood of Blessed John Paul II "Chalice" during her news report at TV Patrol weekend. Haha

    And I find it very disappionting that During the Start of the Papal Mass Korina Sanchez was still reporting at the middle of the Ceremony as if she knows everything about the Blessed Pope John Paul II, I think she should stop it because I find it disrespectful and focus more on the Papal Mass.

    That why I watch Papal Masses on ETWN. Which is more better

  2. I just watched the Mass because I was moved by the crowd cheering. All the rest that I've seen and heard were rubbish. And you forgot that Aksyon TV (TV5's News Channel) also broadcasted this.

  3. Ian, I do not watch that network. Too tabloid! I call it the new Smut TV!

  4. I noticed how everyone was annotating during consecration! Grabe. EWTN has vast experience on this -- no annotation whatsover until before communion

  5. In Deference to You Sir Knight,DZMM Teleradyo covered The Mass from Start to Finish.

    @keb_17 The Only Thing that Made Me Disappointed with EWTN was They Cut The Celebrations Short,when They Should Have Covered The Pope's Prayer Before His Glorious Predecessor.

  6. Arnold Clavio is a Thomasian. He should know better. Korina graduated from the old Maryknoll.... well!!!!

    I have heard Kapuso and Kapamilya describe the wedding of Wills and Kate as a "mass". It isn't. First of all, the liturgy is at the Protestant end of Anglicanism and there was no Eucharistic celebration even if there are a lot of Catholic trappings (mainly because the Archbishop of Canterbury is an Anglo Catholic). The bride and Groom were not offered the Body and Blood of the Lord in the wedding rite.

    The wedding of Charles and Di was more Catholic since it was in the Bishop of London's cathedral, which is Anglo Catholic. The Eucharist was celebrated then.

    It is a wedding rite, that's all. My Anglican friends were annoyed when the wedding was called a "nuptial mass"!

  7. "Arnold Clavio is a Thomasian. He should know better. Korina graduated from the old Maryknoll.... well!!!!"

    I've been credibly told about 4th-year-theology seminarians who don't know the difference between a chalice and a ciborium.

  8. Well no surprise there Pascal. I even heard a priest call a cope "an Eastern Orthodox" vestment. Ha!

  9. Hello!!

    I'm a Thomasian, and sadly it's true that Theolgy classes in UST are not really high top. Once during Catholic Matrimony discussion, my prof got mad at me because I said that it's not good for Catholics to marry Non Catholics. And when you get to mention that you attend a Traditional Latin Mass regularly you get "Wasn't that displaced by Vatican 2?" And this is probably out of the subject but, the UST library is a treasure throve of old Catholic books (ranging from Theology, Thomas Aquinas, Adrian Fortescue, Newman, Chesterton, Belloc to Roman Liturgy, O'Connell,etc.) and missals (Dominican Breviary, Dominican missal etc.) rarely borrowed and taken out which speaks a lot about most Thomasians. Well there are a handful of Trads like me in UST, but 4 out of 10 will probably be interested in something about the Catholic Faith. :)
    GO USTE!!!

  10. Good thing I did not watch both coverages because I was unavailable. I watched the CTV clip at Youtube though. If these stations are covering such Catholic events, they should at least invite Catholic priests or "Vaticanologists" to provide the commentary or at least provide the information on what is going on.

    That was what I heard on the CNN coverage of Blessed John Paul's funeral mass. The news anchors deferred to Archbishop Wuerl and John Allen to explain what is going on.

    But how did Jessica Soho fared? I heard she covered the WYD 95 for GMA, I think.

  11. Even EWTN commentators aren't immune from this liturgical illiteracy! During the inauguration Mass of Benedict XVI, bishops of most of the Anglican provinces were in attendance. The Anglican bishops were in choir dress as appropriate. The EWTN commentator said that the Anglican bishops are wearing the surplices! The Anglican bishops were not wearing their surplices but their rochets! Priests and deacons may wear surplices but bishops wear rochets. Like bishops in the Roman Church, Anglican bishops wear rochets. But unlike their Roman counterparts, they wear the chimere.

  12. I watched the coverage at EWTN and continued watching the coverage at Fox Channel since EWTN stopped the coverage after the ceremony outside the church. I don't like watching on either ABS-CBN or GMA 7. This network war divides the Filipino viewers into Kapamilya or Kapuso, and then here comes TV 5, the Kapatid Network, and don't forget Studio 23 Kabarkada mo. I don't like this network war. NAIINIS AKO!