Friday, October 29, 2010

Why I love the Latin Mass

I sutmbled upon this interesting survey and contributed my opinion.

Here is what I wrote:

I am an active Catholic.

Active in Catholic social action as a 4th degree Knight of Columbus.

Active in worship, through Eucharistic Adoration, Rosary and the Mass

I am an active Catholic, that is why I love the Traditional Latin Mass.

I just go there to worship.  No hand shaking, no cheesy stuff.

I do not attend the Traditional Latin Mass to OBSERVE.  I go to Mass to pray.

Because the Mass is Calvary once again, and I am there beside Mary and John at the foot of the cross.

Because for me, the worship of God does not have to be your after Mass fellowship where hand shakes, smiling and other social stuff happens.  Because that happens AFTER Mass, where TRUE Christian fellowship and TRUE FAITH IN ACTION counts the most!

That was how the saints prayed and lived the Faith, and that is how I will do it.

Thank the Lord for Summorum Pontificum!


Join in. And express your opinion.

What form of the Mass do you love?

  1. The Modern Rite, priest facing, vernacular, hand shakes, guitars and clapping.
  2. The Old Mass, priest back turned, chanting, Latin, embroidered vestments, silence.


  1. I love the vernacular Mass (as long as the translation from the Latin is as faithful as possible) with Gregorian Chant, or motets with organ,priest vested according to the rubrics, vestments may be simple or even modern, but this should give the air of solemnity, active but solemn participation of the laity, with the laity saying the responses if the rite allows for it, communion according to ancient custom (by the mouth) and definitely NO APPLAUSE when the congregation has been dismissed!

    The priest may celebrate ad orientem or versus populum as need be. But I would prefer ad orientem.

    BTW, this whole vision applies to the Anglican Use as well as the Mass of Paul VI!

  2. Pax!
    i would say that I love Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in both of its forms:

    1. Ordinary Form, priest facing, Latin, embroidered and dignified vestments, silence and recollection.
    2. Extraordinary Form, priest "ad orientem", chanting, embroidered vestments, recollected silence.

    The liturgical culture in our local nowadays notwithstanding, there are pockets of hope for the "new mass" in which it is offered in a dignified and beautiful way, without guitars handclapping et cetera. I think that one pastoral challenge is to teach our priest and laity to learn to love the Mass as it is in its two forms, as the Lord and the Church would want us to love it...

  3. I Love The Novus Ordo(BUT in A Reverent Way!,YOU know Ad Orientem Latin etc..)

    I Love More the Extraordinary Form of The Roman Rite!!(It Expresses More,the Major Aspects of The Mass)Hope to Go to a 1962 Parish Someday!!! :-)

  4. The Mass is the Mass. It is not a ceremony to watch. It is Christ's sacrifice for our redemption. At Mass we exercise our Priesthood, side by side with the minister, the ordained priest and participate in the Last Supper in remembrance of Him to whom we dedicate our lives fully and without reservation. It's impossible to do that if you don't understand the language and if the minister doesn't acknowledge your presence except for an occasional "Dominus Vobiscum." I'm old enough to remember what we had before and I know all the theological reasons why it has changed. I also know that the changes started way before Vatican II and that Vatican II only dressed the table that Pius XII had already begun to set. If you can't handle the 21st century, just tough it out while you're here and hope that when you get to heaven you'll have all the reactionary Tridentine spirituality you always wanted without ever having truly lived it.