Thursday, October 21, 2010

New cardinals

Just as I predicted... Pinoy cleric will be elevated in next month's consistory.  I remember Sen. Joker Arroyo suggesting that we protest not having too much Pinoy cardinals even though we are one of the largest

...though expected, I am a bit disappointed in the appointment of Archbishop Donald Wuerl of Washington.  His lukewarm stance on pro-abortion Catholic politician receiving Communion is troubling.'

Makes me wonder why he even got the red hat, why?  just because he is occupying a cardinatial see?

Big deal.


  1. We just have to defer to the Pope's decision. He may have wise reasons that we are not aware of!

  2. I think that it is hard to have the Archbishop of Washington, the capital of the world's biggest economy (by far), the 3rd largest country, and the largest Christian country, not be a cardinal. Someone should not be installed at Archbishop of Washington who is not going to become a cardinal. So, that's the question: should he be archbishop?

    I read somewhere that the Pope is continuing the tradition of restricting the number of voting cardinals to 120. Maybe that is why the Philippines has only three.

    Why 20+% of cardinals should be Italian?, to me is the more interesting question. One can argue that the important cities of the world should have cardinals but why should important bureaucratic posts at the Vatican be filled by cardinals?

    I think that eventually the Church will "devolve" cardinals from the Vatican to the dioceses, but it will take time. Afterall having a non-Italian pope is unique, let alone two back-to-back. Things will change, slowly, incrementally, and that is the way things should be. I too trust and defer to the Pope.