Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pro-life advocates to picket K of C Annual Convention!

From Catholic Fire


WASHINGTON -- On Tuesday, August 3, at 8:45 AM representatives of Concerned Roman Catholics of America and other pro-life advocates will picket the opening Mass of the 2010 Knights of Columbus annual convention to expose the treachery [that is a bit harsh, I think.] of the Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus.

The Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus is harboring member knight politicians who vote pro-abortion and pro-sodomy. This failure to expel these knights and their refusal to allow state councils to do so is against the dictates of their own bylaws and the will of their own members. The Council is causing discord and dissension among their own members and creating a public scandal. According to their own bylaws, the entire Supreme Council should be suspended or expelled. In light of this, we are calling for the resignation of Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson, Supreme Director Virgil Dechant, Supreme Treasurer Emilio B. Moure, and Supreme Advocate John Marrella. [Bit harsh.  Make them answer to these allegations first.]

What: Press Conference and protest of the Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus

Where: Main entrance of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception

When: Tuesday, August 3, 8:45 AM

Why: To expose the treachery of the Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus

"The Supreme Council is insisting that nobody in the 1.4 million-strong order can do anything at all about the pro-abortion politicians right in their midst," says Ken Fisher. [I would have to read a statement that the Supreme Council put out about this.  But I have heard such claims like moves to expel the late Sen. Ted Kennedy who was a knight and a voracious pro choice supporter.] "That is preposterous. You can bet that the Knights would rightly kick out racists and criminals."

"In fact," continues Fisher, "the Knights do expel members -- pro-life faithful Catholic members, such as my friends John O'Gorman, Bob Kumpel and Danny Levine, who brought attention to these scandals.

Fisher urges all D.C.-area Catholics, and all Knights, to speak up and tell the Supreme officers to stop hiding behind the bishops, to admit that excommunication is not a requirement for expelling a member, and to create an Order-wide policy that pro-abortion politicians are no longer welcome, and that the Supreme Council will boot out all such members brought to its attention. [HUZZAH!!! This is am fully supportive!]


Any practical Catholic lay men, 18 years o above, in communion with the Holy See can become a Knights of Columbus.

So this begs the question?  Why are pro-abortion advocates and politicians not being censured by their Districts or by the Supreme Council?  Let us consult the KofC Charter and see what are the grounds for expulsion.

Ipso Facto Forfeiture — Members
SEC. 168. Any member of this Order shall, ipso facto, forfeit his membership in the Order —
        Failure to Remain a Practical Catholic
        1. Who shall fail to remain a practical Catholic in union with the Holy See.

So?  Is being continually pro-abortion not a violation of this provision?

I can't wait for the response of the Supreme Council...

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