Friday, July 23, 2010

BE WARNED: Bogus deacon, priest, doctor whatever!

From CBCP News


Manila’s Roman Catholic Church has warned the faithful Thursday against a fake cleric asking for donations.

The chancery office of the Manila archdiocese said the fake deacon, identified as Ritchie Verdeflor Buenavides claimed to be one Rev. Paulus Maria Sanguinis Sacris. [I did a little investigation about this guy myself.  More about this below.]

The Church issued the warning in a circular letter issued July 19 after getting the information from Bro. Francis Joseph of the Brothers of Mercy of St. John of God based in Bocaue, Bulacan warning them against the fake cleric.

Joseph, in a letter to Cardinal Rosales, said that Buenavides might use their congregation’s name “San Juan de Dios” in soliciting money for his supposed priestly ordination on July 29 at the “Holy Family Catholic Church” in Kapatiran Village, Pasong Buaya II, Imus, Cavite.

A follow-up with the Our Lady of the Pillar Parish Church in Imus, Cavite revealed there’s no Holy Family Catholic church in the area.

The 2008-2009 Catholic Directory of the Philippines also has no listing for the Missionary Society of Sts. Peter and Paul, said to be based in Manila. [Bogus Society! A quick check of the internet would show you this.]

Buenavides, who will assume the religious name of Fr. Paulus Maria Sanguinis Sacriz, MSSPP, allegedly goes around Manila soliciting donations for his ordination to be performed by Bishops Johannes Vincent Irenaeus, Jose Maria Emmanuel and Petrus Paulus, all members of MSSPP. [BOGUS!  My goodness!  Is this a priestly ordination or an episcopal ordination?  Do you need 3 bishops to ordain you?!]

There are no bishops of these names listed in the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines directory.


The wacko has his own Facebook account!

As you can see, he claims to be a member of the bogus society.

Look at his profile picture.  Notice anything?  He is lying prostrate wearing a deacon's stole.

BUT!  This posture is done DURING a priestly ordination!  How come he is asking for his upcoming priestly ordination when he has a photo of him doing an act done in a priestly ordination?

He is also president and founder of SJDLC which, who knows what!

Scrolling down...

Wow! Look at that! He has 3 doctorates! In Clinical Psychology (which obviously he will need himself!), In Education Management (majoring in Imagines Diplomas) and in Theology which he would definitely receive an excommunication laetae sententiae if he attempts to simulate the administration of the Sacraments especially the Mass. I do not know if soliciting money for a supposed priestly ordination merits this.

If you notice, this guy must be very good!  Imagine he got his MS in Clinical Psychology in 2007 and got his PhD in the same discipline the SAME YEAR!

Doogie Howser!!!

I thought of calling the Commission on Higher Education or even Ateneo de Davao University, where I once taught, to check on the veracity of this guy's claim...But...I thought to myself.  NOT WORTH IT!



  1. People should ask for celebrets when a stranger priest offers to administer the sacraments. Fake priests have always been a problem since according to a friend of mine who is a priest, there is a dire need for the sacraments and blessings. There are so few priests and a large number of people.

    Obviously this will give an opportunity for fake priests to show up. Many of them are ex-seminarians and have a bit or even much training.Remember that fake priest who knew his Latin well and thus much damaged the credibility of people attached to the EF?

    Most fake priests are content with dispensing the sacramentals and blessings and not celebrating Mass. Of course it is the fee that counts.

    But the Catholic priest shortage is so serious that non-Catholic priests (they are legit but not Catholic) have stepped in to fill in the void. Many of the non-Catholic clergy have identified themselves as such. Episcopal, IFI and Orthodox clergy are often called to administer the sacraments to Pinoy Catholics but they tell people that they are not Roman Catholic. People still get their services. The reason? The Catholic priest cannot be found or is unavailable.

    This while a matter of concern to the CBCP is not as bad as non-Catholic clergy who misrepresent themselves as Roman Catholic priests. Some even get to celebrate Mass in Cathedrals promoting an Archbishop to issue a pastoral letter to his diocese.

    The Catholic clergy is partly to blame. They are involved in so many social and political activities that they forget the sacramental nature of their jobs! Also the misrepresenting clergy dress up in proper clerical attire unlike many Catholic priests who wear secular clothes even in their parishes.

    The whole problem is really the lack of vocations. I believe the Philippine Church has to increase its vocations and should institute the permanent diaconate (who can be married men) to do works of mercy and charity which are the charism of deacons. Priests are tasked to celebrate the sacraments first.

    The lack of priests in the Philippines makes it reasonable for a Catholic in danger of death to seek the sacraments from non Catholic priests who profess the same belief as they do. This is permitted under Canon law.

    The fake priest you noted needs help. I think he has delusions. We have a joke in our business. Getting a PhD is a fine achievement. Getting another is a sure sign of insanity! Now what about getting three?

    Also what I really found hilarious is that he misspelled the name of the University of New South Wales (one of Australia's top universities) as NEW SOUTHWHALES university!

    The CBCP should really take notice.