Saturday, August 22, 2009

SNAPSHOT: What is so wrong with this picture? (UPDATE)

Well, here is what's wrong with this picture.

Canon 1271, speaks of the lamp that should burn before the tabernacle.  It reads as follows: 

"At least one lamp is to be kept burning day and night before the tabernacle in which the Blessed Sacrament is kept. In this lamp olive oil or beeswax is to be used; but where olive oil is not available, with the sanction of the Ordinary other oils may be used, but they should be vegetable oils, if possible."

By the way it looks, the lamp is an electric bulb and it is not 'burning before the tabernacle'.  The lamp was placed above the tabernacle.  Isn't it disrespectful to place a lamp above the tabernacle where the Lord is?  They made the Lord a footstool of the lamp!

Personally for me, it's not much of the church legislation.  It's how you treat the Lord in that shows what kind of faith you have in him.  

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