Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The true Damaso


Damaso isn't homosexual.

Cosplayer!!!  Hahahahaha!!!

So he/she/it might be thinking of playing the villainess Madre Domincana Superiora Kruella Deville.

Dream come true!

Grab a Dominican garb, walk around pretending like you are one, and presto!

Seriously, why do we even give this joker the publicity he/she/it wants?

Mea culpa.

PS:  His/her/its walking Intramuros tours are anything but "historical and factual".

They are jokes.

Better look for another walking tour of Manila. This one is a train wreck.


  1. To be fair, this photo was during a movie shoot. And it's not the first time he played a prayle (the first one was in "Mga Kababaihan ng Malolos")

  2. To be fair, i am so glad he plays fraile roles in movies people don't watch. It's about time we demanded a better class of artists in order to revive filipino culture.