Tuesday, June 16, 2015

GULP Alert: Pagan Eucharistic Adoration?

This happened during a summer youth camp of the youth ministry of the "Missionaries of God's Love" priest currently serving in the Diocese of Novaliches.

That whole global warming hoax is getting up on these priests, no?

So what's the Blessed Sacrament got to do with the sun rising?

Oh! Oh! Oh!

"Jesus is the rising sun!"

Try harder.

Who needs albularyos when we have Catholic priests acting like one?

Paganism mixed with Catholicism.

Something out of the books of St. Vincent School of Theology and Maryhill School of Theology.


  1. But TPC, they needed to combine the energy of the sun with the energy of the Real Presence with their own internal energy. So that when the time came to say Mass, they’d have enough energy to turn the bread and wine into God, like in this MGL photo here:


    Well, except for the priest guy on the right who lacks E=mc^2. Because of him, the bread and wine almost didn’t turn into Jesus. But not to worry; he will be sent for vacation to Switzerland, where he will be irradiated with God particles at the Large Hadron Collider.