Wednesday, November 26, 2014

GULP Alert: Something wrong in the Christ the King procession in Baguio

While we laud the holding of the Christ the King procession, I kept scratching my head after seeing this.

Church law and tradition is very specific on what to do during Christ the King.

And it is having a Eucharistic procession.

Not a procession of the image of Christ the King.

Maybe we can correct this next time huh, Diocese of Baguio?


  1. What "Church law" are you referring to when it comes to the way how Christ the King should be celebrated? The Vatican just celebrated it with a Canonization and I don't remember Pope Francis (or the other Popes before him) doing Eucharistic Procession on a Christ the King celebration. So who are you to tell that the procession made by the Diocese of Baguio is wrong? O ginawa mo lang tong post na ito para lang may mapuna?

    1. Show me one proof that instead of a Eucharistic procession, which is tradition, a procession of the image of Christ the King should be held instead.

      Before you get all too emotional, try to sit down, breathe, relax and answer the question. Ok?

  2. It is the Holy Eucharist is being exposed and paraded during the Solemnity of the Kingship of Christ. cf.