Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Sabi nga nila: Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi, Lex Vivendi. Ang batas ng pagsamba, ay batas ng pananampalataya, ay batas ng pamumuhay.

Susme, ano parte ng BATAS ng pagsamba kaya ito?


  1. Elijah Pantorilla, a Conventual Franciscan priest who was conditionally re-ordained by SSPX-Resistance bishop Richard Williamson celebrated SSPX-Resistance sponsored Tridentine Mass in Bacoor Cavite. Watch here:

    And still, he remains in his religious community and stays in St. Maximilian Kolbe Seminary in Multinational Village, Paranaque?

    Why isn't anyone informing his superiors about his activities?

    1. Mas mainam siguro na unahin muna nating tingnan ang ating mga buhay buhay. Para sa inyo, basta SSPX, masama na. Eh yung mga paring nagmimisa diyan sa Metro Manila, eh panakip butas lang nila ang kanilang mga Latin Masses diyan. Eh yung isa diyan, palaging pumunta sa SSPX. Yung isa naman diyan, kalaguyo ang driver at halos sa TLM group nila ay homosexuals.

    2. Thanks, but no thanks to your NON REPLY. I wrote NON Reply because it doesn't change the fact that Elijah Pantorilla, who was conditionally reordained by Bp. Williamson and celebrates masses for SSPX-Resistance/SO group, and yet still stays with St. Maximilian Kolbe Seminary, a NOVUS ORDO seminary that celebrate NOVUS ORDO masses and is under the NOVUS ORDO hierarchy.

      Which is curious, because Bishop Williamson (who called Pope Benedict XVI crazy) and the rest of the resistance group believe that NOVUS ORDO sacraments are doubtful (that's why Pantorilla was conditionally ordained and why Williamson refuses to genuflect when passing by a Tabernacle in a Novus Ordo Church), that what they call "NEWCHURCH, NEWROME" should be avoided (that's why they split with the SSPX). Although, a first-hand eyewitness account says that Williamson was caught going to a confession in a Novus Ordo Church -- Westminster Abbey, London -- because apparently he like the Byzantine art in the side chapel! Funny.

      I am not even debating their objections about "NEW CHURCH, NEWROME, NEW MASSES."

      I am speaking here of HONESTY, INTEGRITY, AND CONSISTENCY, especially from people who supposedly have it all pure and traditional.

      Kanya-kanyang buhay ka dyan, then what do we have the Church for? Her beliefs? Her laws? Kung kanya kanya na lang tayo? Ano ka Born Again Protestant? Alam mo ba pinagsasasabi mo?

      Also anong sinasabi mong "basta SSPX, masama na." Nagbabasa ka ba? I am referring to the SSPX-SO/Resistance group -- the group that was expelled by Bp. Fellay himself, barred from their churches and chapels and denied of their sacraments. Basa:

      St. Pius V Catholic Church
      July 20, 2014, Cebu City

      There is a group calling themselves “the resistance” (they may go by other names as well) which organizes Traditional Latin Masses on the island of Cebu who are actively working against the society of St. Pius X.

      This notice serves as warning from our District Superior, Fr. Daniel Couture:

      If anyone from this group is caught actively promoting it here in this chapel, this person will be denied the sacraments.

      (Note: If a visiting priest comes to this chapel, he will be forewarned about such activities and will be instructed to deny the sacraments to such a person.)

      For questions about this matter, please refer to me directly.

      Fr. John Hattrup


      Mag-research at mag-internet ka kasi, dami mong chismis. Alam mo bang masama ang chismis? At least I was able to back up my claims with evidences and references.

      Kung ano ano pang issue ang hinalukay mo, anong akala mo matatama ng isang mali ang isa pang mali? Na-address ba at naitama yung mga issue na kinakalkal mo sa hiwalay na issue na ito ng paring si Pantorilla?

  2. I think this began with the laying of hands of the laity during blessings. It is of course sad that some priests lead the laity in this. We tell the laity that the hands of the ordained are different from the hands of the laity, but when the laity lay hands during blessings, it is as though they are the same. And now, here we see an extension of this corruption in the consecration! The hands of the ordained are consecrated with chrism because they alone can confer Christ in the Eucharist. This is indeed a grave liturgical abuse, but it began long before in "blessings." We must emphasize that the hands of the ordained are different from the hands of the laity. This isn't an issue of "All men are equal," I'm a Catholic, not a freemason. The ordained always and forever will be different from the lay.
    Miserere nobis, Domine. Sancta Maria, ora pro nobis. Beato Michaeli Archangelo, defende nos.