Saturday, April 26, 2014

RCAM Exorcist celebrates Mass ad orientem in Rome

Yes that is Fr. Jocis Syquia.

Since he belongs to RCAM, will the "great" Fr. Geny Diwa call him to "remind" him of the "fruits of Vatican II"?

Fr. Diwa would reason that this Mass is not "properly inculturated" and not foreseen by "Vatican II".

Yup.  We heard it many times before.

I was there when Fr. Reginald Malicdem insulted and made fun of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI's liturgical reform.  I was not surprised actually.  I was expecting it from him especially since he was "heavily inculturated" at San Beda.

Let's see.

The apostle of Chupungco is not resting.

Mass ad orientem is NOT ILLEGAL!

It will never ever be in the same league as the dancers of Sobrejuanite at SM Megamall!

It will never ever be in the same league as the Protestant musical extravanganza of that Shalom Friar.

It will never ever be the same as the Misa ng Sambayanang Pilipino, which is ILLEGAL and a LITURGICAL ABUSE since it was NEVER EVER APPROVED by the Holy See!

Priests of Jesus Christ!

Give to the people ransomed by the precious blood of the Lamb the kind of worship of the Heavenly Father they so deserve!

We have too much entertainment on TV!

Stop it there!

Do your role!  Do what you were ordained to do!

You were meant to do HOLY THINGS!

Stop making the Holy Mass as if it were your own entertainment production!

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  1. When BXVI became pope, the very first thing i noticed in his celebration of the mass was the new arrangement and placement of the candles.. The candles were placed on the altar itself thereby making it difficult for the camera to focus on the pope. Months after, Fr. Diwa mentioned in his class that candles must not block the people's view of the altar (a point which i felt was contrary to what i saw on TV when BXVI celebrates mass). i really did expect an answer which might eventually lessen the confusion i had at that time.. But his answer to my question was a plain sarcasm. "That is in Vatican. Unless you want to become a Pope, then do what you saw on TV with regards the placement of the candles." That was the essence of what he told me in class although i mellowed it down a bit to be fair to him. But until now, i will never forget his answer for it was one of the most stupid answers coming from a professor i highly revered until that fateful moment.