Monday, March 10, 2014

When too much piety leads to a Facepalm

Why?  Isn't he sooo cute?

But wait a minute?

How can Jesus serve at the Mass where He is the priest and sacrifice?

Now you know why this is a facepalm moment.

Not just because we have a devotion to the Child Jesus, we make Him into our own personal Ken doll!


  1. Kuya Pedro, marami nanaman pong babatikos niyan, like (ito naisip ko po hahah) "Bakit di ba naging subject si Jesus kay Mary at Joseph or the like?" hahahhaha XD Tatawanan ko nalang po sila hahah ... Sa Hebreo nga po, (Heb 10:12-23), "A great priest over the house of God" (A GREAT PRIEST) and sa Psalms (Ps 110:4) "...YOU ARE PRIEST FOREVER, according to the order of Melchizidek" ... And to say po, fanaticism na ata ituuu...

  2. It's not a facepalm on the other hand Brother. That is a humanistic expression of showing that Jesus Christ is with us. It was made it that way to show that despite He is our Lord/King, Priest, Prophet, he was also a servant. In as much as Jesus Christ bears the supreme authority over the altar, He is expressed in that way to show his humility and also basically to show his human nature. We remember that he served us through the Holy Eucharist, when He offered his body and blood to us, in order for us to learn how to be a servant for others and God.

    I hope this comment could help you eased from the rant. God bless.

    1. No it doesn't. God became man like us but it doesn't mean we make a doll or an image of him and dress Him up as if he were a toy. Christ is the Lord of the police, the street kid, the sacristan, but there is a whole GAMUT of EVERYTHING is wrong with this IMAGE!

      Don't you get it Jay? Images convey messages! And this image conveys the message that Christ too is the Sacristan in the Mass of which HE IS DEFINITELY NOT!

      HE is the Priest and the Sacrifice!

    2. I get it this time. But my concern only is on the artistic dimension of the topic. The one who made this expressed the art in as much as how he has experienced our Lord Jesus Christ. And yes, images convey messages and most of the time symbolically. But back to my concern is that of the subjective position of the artist especially of the figure you have shown. In respect to the one who produced it, I don't see anything wrong with it in as much as we know and we assert that Christ is truly the priest. The maker of this artistic figure just want to show us that being an altar server is an initial part of becoming a priest. Theologically speaking, every priest is the servant of the altar and that Jesus Christ revealed Himself to us as a servant of the altar as well. And with regards to being the Sacrifice, it does not destroy the concept of a servant of the altar when He offered himself to be sacrificed upon the altar.

      But still, if it does not suit your subjective stance, so be it. Sapietiae, pax et bonum.

  3. let me give a very late comment: the commandments prohobited images because it makes us think we can domesticate God: move him the way we want, like this unfortunate piositistic doll (look up for piosity in CCC). now, thank God for the Incarnation, we may use images in worship. but that does not mean we can be like those ancient idolaters who domesticate God. and how can a priest, victim, and altar be possibly also the server? never saw a Mass that way for the time i was an altar server (probably because i would not know if the priest celebrated Mass without a server, which is prohibited).

  4. And for Jay Jay, art is to be always in service of SOUND theology and liturgy.