Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What sacrificing is.

Sacrifice came from two Latin words "sacra" "facere".  To make holy.

The aim of fasting and abstinence, especially in the period of Lent, is to make us holy.

John the Baptist fasted.

Christ fasted.

Because they know that there is something more important than what the body wants, craves and seeks for.

It is s a hunger and thirst that only God can quench and satisfy.

When we give up something of value to us, like food or that favorite "sin", we tell God that we give that up, we sacrifice, because we want to be holy.

Isn't it the best sacrifice?  Don't we see it every Mass?

What are you giving up?

Is it something easy to give up?

That aint sacrificing.  That is giving up loose change.

For this Lent, always remember this parable.

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