Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Deacon publicly insults the Holy Father

No. It's not Pope Francis.  It's the pope emeritus.

And the deacon, a married deacon thinks that the pope wears Prada or that the former pope wears it because of self-esteem issues.


The guy just resigned and now obeys his successor.

And he thinks the old man has self-esteem issues.

Go to the 10:25 mark to see how he insulted the pope.

If we can have clerics like this insulting the former pope in a Mass, who needs the INC and Eli Soriano???

And in case the deacon doesn't know, those are not Prada shoes.

Next, the former pope is not wearing them anymore because, unless this deacon knocked his head on the cupboard, Benedict is not pope anymore.

Next, it is red because the color of the popes was red.  I guess he missed that one out in Church history.

Next, the finery was for good reason.  If he can see the former pope still wearing them, let us all wait in bathed breath.

Next, we all appreciate the beauty in art and in vestments because *drum roll* WE ARE FAITHFUL TO VATICAN II!

Don't ask the Chupungcan liturgist.  All they care about is you listen to them and buy their books, and that old washed out phrase "noble simplicity".  It is too simple to be simple.  It is drab.  And it is definitely not noble.

Write to the deacon and also write to his archbishop.  Show them the video and let them know that you are "scandalized".  It is in your right to call their attention.

Deacon Sandy Sites
Parish Director / Good Shepherd Parish / / + Land /
Most Reverend Jerome E. Listecki
Archbishop of Milwaukee


  1. Our rite is already nobly simple. Why even simplify it? And those ugly vestments made of polyester are not simple, they are drab, mediocre, and fits better on my curtains than the body of the alter christus. Those liturgists are weak-headed and hard-headed. They don't deserve to be called liturgists for they know nothing good for the Church,for they are destroying the liturgy, her source and summit of her life.

    And one last thing, for that Deacon Sandy, I would suggest that he keep his blathering mouth shut! He already made himself a laughingstock for me when he released his video about how "special" his parish is. I think he should shun himself from the Internet and pray using his breviary, if he has one.

    I will now watch the dreaded video and will comment here later.

  2. I've already watched the video, and anything that i will say I think I must keep it to myself, lest I commit a grave sin.

  3. I emailed the deacon and here is his reply..

    Hello Jeffrey –

    I receive the message you sent with the respect you intend and I thank you for that.

    For the record, I did not mention Pope Benedict or any pontiff, all of whom I admire and respect. I did not say the red shoes were Prada. Here is the transcript of what was said as the image in question appears:

    In our Church, and in others, some clergy will dress in finery for a good reason – so that when they come before God to give worship and praise they want to bring the best So that’s a good symbol. We do that kind of thing at the Easter Vigil. We get everything out of the closet – we bring out our best.

    Please know that I did not in fact know that the image used was Pope Benedict. I am still not sure it is – I am curious – how do you know it is? I got the image from an image library as a result of searching for “fine vestments”. I chose the image because it was cropped and did not reveal who was wearing them.

    I pray that one day Jeffrey situations like this can lead to dignified and respectful dialogue. I pray for unity in Church. I ask your prayers for me and our parish. I will pray for you as well.

    Respectfully -


    Deacon Sandy Sites

    Parish Director / Good Shepherd Parish / / + Land

  4. Try to look at their sanctuary


    Is that the way he show respect to the great Pope Emeritus?
    He is a Deacon a servant of the priest and a minister of the Gospel
    What a disgraceful act he did!