Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Delicadeza anyone?

The Jesuit Pope calls for solidarity with the poor and especially for the people of Tacloban.

This priest is a Jesuit.  He may have a benefactor sponsor it for him, but my God, why put it on on your social media account?

If you want to thank your benefactors, do it privately.

What's the purpose of putting it for the whole world to see?

Delicadeza, Father JBoy.  Pag-aralan ang ibig sabihin pag may time.

A lot of people have barely anything to eat, no roof over their heads, no clothes or any fabric to protect them from the cold.

PS:  The place is described as:  "Saint Tropez remains the favorite destination of high society, lovers of the sea and heritage enthusiasts. Known as a playground for the rich and Hollywood elite, St.Tropez is surrounded by white sandy beaches and enjoys a gorgeous sunny climate."

The island is an exclusive club in an island in Mauban, Quezon.


Imagine the money.



Hard to come by these days.

FYI.  Delicadeza in English is "sense of propriety"

Fr. JBoy Gonzalez, Happy New Year from the people of Tacloban City.


  1. WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT FROM A JESUIT? :D I think even at the time of their deaths the only prayer they know is examen.... :D Jk. :D

  2. So, using noble and dignified vestments, cassocks, beautifully decorated church interiors, and papal tiaras will offend the poor, but how about visiting expensive resorts? I'm really confused.

  3. I cannot and will not judge what Fr jBoy did in going into this resort.
    +Did he go there to wantonly enjoy only?
    +Was he there because he was invited to hold a retreat? or to say a Mass?
    I tell you, I do not know...

    Let's leave it to this religious to judge himself in front of God to whom he solemnly promised to live poor according to the rule of St Ignatius on the day of his profession.

    Just to distinguish...not all priests profess the vow of poverty, only the religious priests, brothers, and sisters who follow their congregation's regula, profess poverty along with chastity, and obedience. Hence, diocesan clergy is not bound by this solemn promise.

    I was once accompanying my family at Enchanted Kingdom where I sat 100% that day. I saw a group of nuns, and judging from their 'noise', I knew they were Salesian Sisters. I really had mixed feelings when I saw this FMA sisters at Enchanted Kingdom: I was happy that they get to get out and recreate themselves, but at the same time, I was afraid of what people may think why their community entered into an expensive entertainment facility. I leave it to these sisters to judge for themselves, but would withhold my judgement on why they were there. In fact, as I have said, they did ran, jumped, and made noise as Don Bosco would have wanted them to.

    The bottomline, it is best that religious refrain from seemingly ostentatious living.

    I have a priest-friend who blantantly said to his novices, "We profess poverty here, but while we may not like what we eat, we do have something to eat come mealtime and do not have to think of what we're going to eat. We profess poverty, but poor people outside who do not know if they still will have their next meal, practises poverty."