Wednesday, November 6, 2013

When faith blinds reason

On a certain page in the World Wide Web, this blogger priest and some of his minions call this horrible travesty as a big FAKE,  a fat LIE, a PHOTOSHOPPED image.

Well, HEAR YE, HEAR YE! This is a real Mexican priest, a real chasuble, in a real parish!

Why do Catholics like this 'priest' blogger insist that any abuse shown online in the Mass of Paul VI, a legal, acceptable, Ordinary Form of the one Roman Rite, are from "diabolically manipulated Traditionalists, SSPX, and sedevacantists"? Hindi ba puwedeng galing sa Catolico na namumuna dahil mahal namin ang Simbahan?

One minion even commented that the image is "obviously photoshopped", even name-dropping a gentleman with a Master's Degree in photography!

I cannot help but remember my father's favorite line: MAHIRAP GISINGIN ANG NAGTUTULOG-TULOGAN.

Pag napuno ako, ilalabas ko kung sino talaga ang FAKE.

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