Monday, October 14, 2013

Mumblings in the Sacristy: Liturgical expert berates a newly ordained!

Mumblings in the Sacristy!

A new series for first hand accounts about interesting side news about certain personalities...

First offering!

Our favorite liturgical expert...

After seeing photos of a young, newly ordained priest celebrating the Traditional Latin Mass, he stormed the convent of the priest and arrogantly told the young priest "Is this your understanding of Vatican II"?

Yes.  For that liturgical expert, everything started with Vatican II, forget about the past and what was taught before.

Yes, I find that weird because this liturgical expert likes to tell his students to always know that what we have now is the "pristine liturgy" as told by his students.

This liturgical expert is so full of himself, he thinks he can control every priest and every bishop of each diocese of the country just because he heads the Liturgy Commission of the Episcopal Conference of the Philippines.

Yes, even some priests and even some bishops told me how pissed they off at this priest who thinks he can just arrogantly order anyone to tow his line when it comes to the liturgy, so pissed that one high ranking prelate said "He doesn't even have canonical basis for his arrogance!  He does not have any authority to tell a bishop when and how he will celebrate the Mass, and most especially he does not have any authority whatsoever form whoever to tell a bishop or priest if he can or cannot celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass!"


The very thing that Pope Francis condemned.  Poor guy never for once worked as a parish priest and he has the gall to act as if he were already a bishop!

Ang Diwa ng Kayabangan ay Umaalingasaw hindi kayang itago. Para itong isang nabubulok na bangkay na hindi kayang itago!

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  1. Too bad this Liturgical Expert missed the point!

    If the former head of the Roman Church himself had issued that Summorum Pontificum (moto proprio), WHY can't he respect the Pope's order if indeed he belongs to the Roman Church, if even the current Pope never rescinded? Aren't we supposed to obey the Bishop of Rome as the Patriarch of our Roman Church?

    Is he not aware that the Roman Church never abrogated the Misa Tridentina via Vatican II?

    Is he not aware that the Roman Church has several existing rites within itself, as distinct from the Byzantines?

    + Tridentine Mass (still authorized by Summorum Pontificum as an extraordinary form of the Roman Rite)
    + Novus Ordo (Missa Pauli Sexti(1970–present)
    + Anglican Use (restricted to formerly Anglican congregations)
    + Ambrosian Rite (Milano, Italia and neighbouring areas)
    + Mozarabic Rite (Toledo and Salamanca, Spain)

    What right has he got to censure that young priest by virtue of Vatican 2 just because he offered the Sacrifice of the Mass in its extraordinary form?