Wednesday, July 24, 2013

GULP Alert: Liturgical abuse is...common? WYD

I have been a witness to a lot when the World Youth Day was in Manila...

And now the first sighting in Rio.

Just plain...STUPID for the priest to do this.

Look at that young man on the right.

He too is bewildered why he had to do that!


Continue doing this and you trivialize the role of the ordained ministry with the laity...

Continue doing this and you confuse the youth of what is REALLY RIGHT from what is DOWNRIGHT WRONG.

Way to go in the YEAR OF FAITH.

Yes...Fr. Chupungco when he was still alive, NEVER EVER wrote or spoke against any liturgical abuses...He did speak up against Summorum Pontificum though.

Makes you think...

Why do Chupungcan liturgists like Fr. Geny Diwa and Fr. Reggie Malicdem fear the Traditional Latin Mass so much?


The TLM has no room for liturgical circus like this.


PS:  Anyone out there want to ask me WHY this is a liturgical abuse?  ;)

Fr. Diwa?


  1. Please pardon me for asking why? I need something concrete. I've shared this with others & this is what I hear: the priest is legit, the substance of the eucharist complies, and the words of consecration were fine. So everything is peachy, no abuse, mass is valid. Now I wonder why Fr. Bourgeois was suspended in 1990 after inviting 2 women to raise the chalice in Minneapolis.

    1. I did not question the legitimacy of the sacrament. I did not even mention that. I questioned how the priest was dressed up. He was not expecting to be called? Oh come on. This is World Youth Day. All priests know they have a role to play here. No abuse? Says who?

      Study the case of Mr. Bourgeois, lauermar. It's not just that that he was booted out.

      Try Google!

      It works.