Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dear Father, please don't tell me you cannot celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass

because this little kid will make a big joke out of you.  Promise.

Because if he can do it, so can you.

It is not the Latin...

It is not the rubrics...

It is the heart that is missing.

So, it is not about this form of the Mass...

It is about choosing what to give to the Lord.

It is about working for something that you put your heart and extra effort into it.

Because if you could give something more than the usual, why not go for it?

This kid aspires for it and I wouldn't be surprised if he enters the seminary one day.

This is how you foster vocations...

This is how you foster ordinary Catholics to love the holy the sublime.

If any of you hippie priests goes to this kid's house and discourages him from doing this and instead teaches him to do those wacko inculturated Mass...

Luke 17:2

Unfortunately, that is what most priests and bishops and even nuns and professional liturgists from Anscar Chupungco's heritage do to those who are attached to the Traditional Rite.

Villify them.

Mock them.

Ostracize them.

Right Fr. Geny Diwa?

So pastoral of you!

PS Fr. Diwa.  As if THAT is not happening right now.

Sad thing for a priest like you who spends much of his time behind his desk rather in an actual parish!

If Fr. Diwa and this kid celebrated Mass, this kid will make minced-meat out of Fr. Diwa.

"What liturgy degree Fr. Diwa?" said the kid.

Unfortunately, those diplomas do not have heart...and so does....


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  1. I will never call Genie Diwa "Father" ever again! He makes me hate the Novus Ordo even More! The Archdiocese of Manila has gone to the...

    RANT OVER. (Cue: Dies Irae)