Tuesday, May 14, 2013

In solidarity with the workers...

You go ahead and disrespect your priestly vestments....

I got these horrible photos here.

Since it's Labor Day, and workers eat always Boodle Fight style, might as well do it while we are still wearing our liturgical vestments.

Nothing wrong with eating with workers to show your solidarity with them, but by GOD! Why can't you not just take off your liturgical vestments first before you take your first handful of rice and meat?!

You wanna be identified as a priest while eating?  Sure!  Just take off your vestments which are worn ONLY during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass!

Or is it because underneath those vestments is nothing but plain layman's clothes?

No drama or media value if you eat looking like the workers you are in solidarity with no?

So, go ahead, and disrespect the holy vestments!

Anyway, God does not mind.  Or does he?

Read Exodus 28.

Even simple graduation rites respect their academic regalia!

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  1. One of them,A Parish Priest of Malate Church Called me a "nuisance" for correcting him about his use of a fellow confere's alternative missal.