Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Abuse of EMHC

Not that kind of abuse...

Too much lay empowerment crap spoils everything.

The provision in using Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion should be rare and out of necessity.

Unfortunately, these old guys, and angry women, if you are in the USA, think they are a necessity in order to have the Mass.

No EMHC, poor priest, so they think.

And most of these EMHCs are poorly catechized or do not have the physical strength to even pick up a Host when It drops to the floor!!!

How many times have you witnessed the Lord left on the floor like that?!


I can count with one hand EMHCs who know what they are for the Church.

Sadly, most Filipino EMHCs have this expression when you ask them about transubstantiation, GIRM and Redemptionis Sacramentum...

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  1. I will add on and as if they know about proper liturgy and some of them are desperately grabbing the role of Master of Ceremonies rather than the server who is well versed in the liturgy compared to them and usually acts as an MC in the masses of their parish priest.
    And worst they love to be called "Father" or "Monsignori" and that makes me sick.