Sunday, March 31, 2013

Treat this with a grain of salt....


Pray for Benedict!

Fr-Carlos Martins


Friends, Pope Benedict looks very, very bad. It has been reported far and wide that he has lost much weight in recent months. I have posted on my timeline about this before. Now Benedict looks dangerously thin.

You may have already seen this picture published by L'Osservatore Romano, but take another look. It was shot last Saturday when Benedict was visited by Pope Francis. Benedict is little more than skin and bones. It is disturbing how much his body has changed in recent months. This afternoon I asked his personal tailor—Mancinelli, located on the Borgo Pio in Rome—about his condition (Mancinelli is not to be confused with Gammarelli who is the official Papal tailor; Benedict always had Mancinelli as his tailor and retained him during his papacy, even while using Gammarelli after assuming it). Mancinelli expressed grave concerns for his longtime friend’s health. All of Benedict’s cassocks have had to be taken in because he keeps losing weight. I showed Mancinelli this picture which I had on my phone; he had not seen it before. He almost wept as he pointed out the physiological changes in the Pope Emeritus’ body.

My personal suspicion is that Benedict has cancer. Regardless of his health problem(s), pray for him. He has given us much and we owe him. It will be hard seeing his body without those piercing eyes staring back.


I got this from Facebook and I must admit that there is a great difference in how Benedict looks like now from how he looked like when he said his goodbye from the balcony of Castelgandolfo.

He looks very frail.

He needs our prayers, BADLY!

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