Monday, March 18, 2013

It means something...

If this were the Carnival?  Then what the heck is this?

A cheap production of the "Swan Lake"?


Why is the papal mozzetta colored red?  Why is the papal shoes colored red?  Why is the pope's stole in choir colored red?

All meaning that the pope must be ready to spill his blood for Christ.

It is not the color of the carnival!

I guess you know what I am talking about.

It is the alleged quip of His Holiness to the Papal Master of Ceremonies why he does not want to use the

The trappings of the papal office may be too much for the "simple and humble" pope but these must not be used as an occasion to describe or equate these vestments with worldly events like the Carnival!  (No, Jimmy.  It is not the Coney Island or Disneyland thing.  It is the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday)

And surprisingly, there are gullible people, sadly one of them a priest, who jumps into the bandwagon of "hoorahing" the simplicity of the pope.  And what I find mind-boggling is how he was able to say that the Masses of Benedict and Francis were the same???


Francis does not chant.  Benedict does!

Shall I add more???

Sistine Chapel.  Ad orientem altar.  New one placed instead of using the altar at the chapel?\

Still the same???


Don't get me wrong.  I am for simplicity.  But why use derogatory terms, like Carnival?

Carnival?  What now?  The mozzetta and the state stole are used by harlequins???

St. Francis of Assisi and St. John Marie Vianney lived simplicity.  In fact, they breathed simplicity! BUT!

They did not shun away sacred vestments that are "too triumphalistic" or something that will "turn off the poor"!

No, my dear people.  St. Francis and the Cure of Ars still wore splendid vestments when at Mass.

They in fact encouraged it!

Here is my post about St. John Mary Vianney.

And here is the post of Fr. Z about St. Francis of Assisi.  And here is another from the New Liturgical Movement.

So, is going too simple even in the liturgy with the wishes of the saints?

No, it doesn't.

I hope that report from the BBC is not true.  I am hoping it is not.  But judging from the looks of might be.

Do we just throw things away because they are too beautiful that they are not meant for the poor?

I don't think so.  These precious things have meanings and these "things", these precious vestments and vessels and liturgical paraphernalia are meant not for the rich but for everyone!

Using ugly vestments and other liturgical items simply because you want to be in "solidarity with the poor" is in fact insulting to the poor.  You think because they are poor they do not have any right for beautiful things?  They do not have any right to enjoy worshiping in splendid churches and call it "OUR" church???

I guess the priest turned a blind eye on that one, too, eh.

Pope Francis may have abandoned some of the papal regalia, but let us see in the Installation Mass tomorrow if his simplicity goes towards "over simplifying" the Mass...

And let the tag "Secret SSPX" on The Pinoy Catholic begin!!!

PS:  Did anyone here brand the late Fr. Chupungco disobedient to the Holy Father for his public attacks against Benedict XVI???

With that out of the way, ok, go ahead.  COMMENT.

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  1. True humility also means total submission. This means, for example, if your job calls for you to wear something that is distinctive of it, you would wear it, even if it's 2kg gold. These vestments/items are not worn by popes because they want to appear elegant or pretty. Previous popes wore them because they were popes. These items carry deep meanings, such that wearing them would always remind the wearer of who he is and his duties.

    Triumphalistic??? We have the reason to be triumphalistic...besides will the shunning of the mozzetta/red shoes feed like one poor and hungry person?

    (Breath in, breath out...) Pray! Pray! Pray!