Thursday, February 7, 2013

Cardinal Mahony: Epitome of Incompetency

In the light of what was done to Cardinal Mahony by Archbishop Gomez of LA, I was planning to write a post about this until I read this post from a priest from LA.

So I though, well, what the heck!  He hit it right on the head!

Killer line:

Cardinal Mahony seems to have misunderstood the nature and identity of the Catholic priesthood. He seems to have managed the Church more as a civic organization than the Bride of Christ. And this is why even the Los Angeles Times finds his behavior indefensible. Everyone, even the Church’s enemies, expect the Catholic Church to act like the Catholic Church.

Even the secular media, who used to be his darling, is ganging up on him!

FYI, Cardinal Mahony is one of the major of a failure of appointments of Bl. John Paul when he was pope and how he just let this loose canon run wild.

He had more time criticizing Mother Angelica and went at great lengths to the Vatican, going office to office, finding a way to censure the cloistered nun of EWTN.

While he let the pedophile priest run wild preying on innocent children!

Take the red hat off of him and send him to a monastery!

No wonder most of his critics call him Cardinal Baloney.

Thanks to the liberal theology and attitude of Vatican II hijackers, we have this problem in the Church..............and we have Cardinal Mahony.


PS:  I know of a Filipino cardinal who.....................Never mind.

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