Tuesday, February 5, 2013

About the Liturgy: Something worth thinking about

From the Papal Bull Auctorem Fidei by Pope Pius VI:

The Suitable Order to Be Observed in Worship

31. The proposition of the synod (The Synod of Pistoia which was condemned as heretical by the same pope)  enunciating that it is fitting, in accordance with the order of divine
services and ancient custom, that there be only one altar in each temple, and therefore, that it is pleased to restore that custom,—rash, injurious to the very ancient pious custom flourishing and approved for these many centuries in the Church, especially in the Latin Church.

32. Likewise, the prescription forbidding cases of sacred relics or flowers being placed on the altar,— rash, injurious to the pious and approved custom of the Church.

[One liturgist from Paul VI Institute praised this bare altar! And one defender of the splendor of the Church ever so boldly defended this practice of putting the candles on the floor.  Well, as I have said before, it was never a liturgical heritage of the Church to put candles on the floor or near the altar.  It was always ON the altar, until liturgical hijackers post-Vatican II did it led by suspect mason Annibale Bugnini.  What is wrong with putting relics and candles and flowers on the altar.  "They will obscure the people from seeing the sacred action on the altar."  So goes professional liturgists from PIL.  Not so.  When you attend Mass at huge churches and cathedrals like St. Peter's or even here at Manila Cathedral, can you see what is going on?  You need opera glasses to see them.  You need to see them in order to worship?  Was it really about the sacred action or about the priest's need to be seen ALL THE TIME?]

33. The proposition of the synod by which it shows itself eager to remove the cause through which, in part, there has been induced a forgetfulness of the principles relating to the order of the liturgy, "by recalling it (the liturgy) to a greater simplicity of rites, by expressing it in the vernacular language, by uttering it in a loud voice"; as if the present order of the liturgy, received and approved by the Church, had emanated in some part from the forgetfulness of the principles by which it should be regulated,— rash, offensive to pious ears, insulting to the Church, favorable to the charges of heretics against it.

Pius XII, may he be soon beatified!, said this too in Mediator Dei but sadly called upon by Vatican II which you still wonder why, oh why, oh why????

Something to think about.

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