Wednesday, January 23, 2013

St. John Paul II in October???

From the Vatican Insider


Rumours from Poland suggest that John Paul II might be canonized in October this year, on a date that would coincide with the beginning of his pontificate. In last few days the archbishop of Gdansk Sławoj Leszek Głódź has made a declaration to “Super Express”: “in order for the canonization to be successful it is necessary to choose a miracle. There are no issues on this matter. Probably one will be chosen and then its validity will need to be confirmed by theologians and doctors, among others. We have miracles. From a procedural point of view there are no obstacles, therefore it all rests on Benedict XVI ’s decisions”.

This same piece of news concerning a possible canonization had already been announced by the Polish Catholic press agency KAI, which had mentioned “information yet to be confirmed” coming from Rome concerning “ inexplicable recoveries” attributed to John Paul II after his beatification. According to KAI if John Paul II ’s canonization is to take place in October 2013, Benedict XVI is likely to make the announcement in March”. According to KAI, “traditionally the month for canonizations is October”.


Until the news comes out, we'll wait!

FYI, I still prefer this photo of John Paul.  Very papal and saintly, don't you think?

I hope when they make a statue with a halo, they use this one instead.

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