Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Guess who this guy is?

Yup.  He is a priest.

He flaunts all his trips on his Facebook account.

He has more photos of him on trips, food escapades, shopping and "all that jazz", more than photos of him actually BEING A PRIEST.

FYI, he is a Filipino, unluckily for us, and he is such a controversy magnet in his diocese.

He has his own YouTube channel where he does his own rendition of secular and religious music, which thankfully no one gives a crap about.

Narcy?  Definitely.

Pass the word.  The only way to stop this guy from doing this if he stays puts in his parish and STARTS BEING A PRIEST.

PS:  He once studied in that once Catholic university in Katipunan Avenue famous for silently supporting the law on contraception.  And yes, he owns that fishing boat trip Mass photo with his friends.

More outrageous photos coming soon!

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