Tuesday, December 11, 2012

To be or not to be....a Cardinal of the Church

Someone sent me this photo of the cardinal after his pastoral visitation to one of the parishes in the archdiocese.

Yes, I have heard stories of him taking the public transport even while he was Bishop of Imus.  Even saw him in one mini-bus.

How about this?   When will you join your brother bishops, dear Eminence, in Batasan and in the Senate to fight the RH Bill?

Retired Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal was there, and he'll return to Batasan.  How about you?  When will you show yourself there?

I definitely bet you that if Cardinal Sin were alive, he'd do more than just go to Batasan.

His question.  Learned it from his Jesuit mentors.

But is being a bishop and a cardinal all boils down to just being simple?

How about publicly defending the Faith?

Red is the color of the cardinatial robes, to signify the cardinal's resolve to shed even his own blood in defense of the Church.

I think this is what we call "crunch time" dear Eminence.  Yes, you called for the Vigil.  But why not be there?  Prayer and Presence, isn't it?

Will you take the padyak to Congress?

We have a few hours left.

Some bishops even would not go to a big event of a diocese up North just to be in Batasan.

We need our shepherds to defend us from ravening wolves.  Isn't that what the crozier means?

If you are a regular reader of Fr. Z's blog, you'll know what this means.

We need this for some of our bishops!

Or is it simply a matter or your silent support for the RH Bill?

Was Atty Joaquin Bernas right after all for name-dropping you in one of his articles?


Makes me recall my days at........


  1. To be fair with the Cardinal, the Inquirer today said that he will lead in the prayer vigil, so I think he is doing something in his own way.

    1. That is not the point of the post Rodian. The point is why can't he even step on the grounds of the Batasan, WHY?

  2. Hhmm...maybe he has his reasons. But if he is doing things his way to oppose the RH bill, then that should be the one that matters. We have our own ways; not all are going to Batasan to show their opposition, but in one way or the other there are those who oppose.

  3. Plain wisdom, if you really remember your days in Ateneo you would have a grasp of his cunning intelligence, if he will not be there in Batasan that's because he has something in mind that would be the best option. Lets not impose to him the thing in our opinion is best, the Pope was intelligent enough to install him as the Primate and rush him into the College, that's a clear vision based on the Pope's knowledge and confidence in him. Showing up your face in Batasan may attract attention from media and everything but is it a potent move to abolish the measure? Your blog article clearly shows enough malice of your disgust to the Jesuits by mentioning Fr. Bernas. I hope while doing a good job of fighting this thing through media, May God Bless you with the grace of malice-free perception of other persons that is also members of the very religion you are fighting for. I will pray for you Brother.

    1. Yes, right SHJMM. As if I am not in Intramuros to know the REAL REASON why the Cardinal is nowhere near Batasan.

      Take my advice.

      Not everything you see on TV is true. Most are pure FANTASY.

      Now try to relate that with this post and you'll probably get an idea what I am talking about here.

      PS: Fr. Bernas is filth of the Church that should have been dealt with along time ago. He has the audacity to publicly teach a bishop what is and what is not Catholic moral teaching. If there is one word that best fits Fr. Bernas, it is MALICE. In fact, if the word MALICE can speak, he'd shrunk at the idea that he has been tagged with Bernas. The guy should just leave the Catholic Church. He is anything but a priest, a Catholic and a Jesuit. SHAMEFUL OLD MAN!

  4. Are you in some way connected with Opus Dei?

  5. Then if you are aware of the reason why he did not go to Batasan, why brag about it online?

    Do you have means to speak to the Cardinal personally to air your grievances?

    If I may ask, how is your prayer-life going right now brother?

    Maybe more than the RH Bill fiasco, you should be checking on your interior self first because so much malice have grown in your heart.

    I will intensely pray for you Sir.

    May God bless you with purity of heart.

    P.S: My knowledge of Fr. Chito and Atty. Bernas is of personal instances,
    FANTASIES my brother, is cropped up by narcissistic approaches
    coupled with a certain level of radicalism.

    Leave something for your soul to LOVE.

    1 Corinthians 13:1

  6. I was asking the same question yesterday! Where is he?!