Wednesday, October 24, 2012

More fake priest rackets!

Some of the infamous men I posted here on TPC.

"Fr." Mark Bunag of the Apostolic Orthodox something something church of Wherever. Claiming valid ordination from some archbishop Ramzi Musallam, of whatever who loves to pose for photographs including Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger to legitimize his claim or their claim as an Eastern Church.  Got promoted lately as episcopal vicar!  Woohoo!  Whatever.

Dom Xavier something something from the Canons of something from France. Duped a lot of people in Christ the King Parish in Greenmeadows.  Got excommunicated by Bishop Ongtioco for his antics.


I had breakfast with a friend who told me this outrageous story about fake priests roaming the face of the earth.

I posted about them a lot of times in the past.  Just click the tab below "Fake Priests" to see who these guys are.

This is their new modus operandi.

When a grieving family takes a chapel from the famed funeral house, one of their staff, probably the undertaker, approaches the family and asks if they want Mass celebrated at the chapel for the deceased.

Of course, the family will be elated to know this as this would save them the time and effort to look for a priest.

And so, after a few comes "Priest".

He says Mass, does the blessing of the dead....and asks for a Mass stipend of .........P1,000.00!

Yup.  They have a flat rate for the "priest's" services.

And he goes around the funeral parlor!

No one, of course, would suspect that the guy is not a real priest until my friend saw the "priest" and recognized him as a former classmate who did not finish his seminary training and was actually expelled from the seminary.

So, what's the gig?

I smell commissions!

Yup, the undertaker does the bookings, calls in fake priest, and they share the booty!

My friend could not remember the name of the "priest" but he wants me to share it to all of you so you'd be on the lookout for these pretenders.

The name of the funeral parlor?  Sounds like a woman, just be at PEACE.

They may claim to be Roman Catholic priests, priests from the Ecumenical Orthodox Church of the Apostolic East and West and North and South and the Atlantic regions of the Autocephalous Eparchy of the Holy and Undivided Grand Mumbaki of Manila, or whatever title those nutjobs have claimed for themselves.

They are everywhere.

Want to know how to prove that they are legit Roman Catholic priests?

Ask for their celebret.  A piece of document signed by the bishop that the priest is a good standing member of a religious order or the diocese of the bishop.

If not, try Googling for his name.

Ask for the name of his church or diocese of affiliation.

DO NOT JUST TRUST any guy who approaches you and claims to be a priest.

You can also borrow or ask the parish secretary to look for the name of the "priest" in the Catholic Directory of the Philippines.  Every parish church has one!  Or you can try their online version for quick reference.  This one though is not updated.

Now you know why I hate fat looney tunes walking around wearing a clerical tab?


They usually joke around in the US that if you want easy money, found a church.

Here in the Philippines, that is also true....but more!

Pretend to be a priest!...crash someone else's funeral service...and boom!  Easy money.

Oh, did I tell you that some altar servers also love this kind of know, pretending to be the Master of Ceremonies of a guest priest or bishop, then even joins the lunch or dinner for the guest priest or bishop afterwards?


Mga tambay sa Quiapo!

This one is funny!

The Supremo...

This one is outright disgusting!

And the Suprema!  Aw!

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  1. Pasensiya na po, tanong ko lang po kung paano ko malalaman kung totoong pari ang nag mimisa dito sa doha qatar religious complex. May ilang pag kakataon na po kasi akong naka pag simba hindi naman po ako nambubutas o naninira ng tao, pero tuwing nakikinig po ako sa kanya at inoobserbahan ko po siya, kaiba po sa mga paring narinig ko at nakitang kumilos, may pag kakataon nadin po noong naka burol ang biyenan kong lalaki ay may naka pag misa ng pekeng pare doon sa sanctuarium sa araneta ave kanto ng quezon ave. nag kataon naman pong kahawig ni Father dito sa qatar ang pekeng pari, pasensiya napo, mangyari po e gusto ko sanang malinawan, ang sitwasyon na ito dito sa qatar, marami pong nag sisimba dito, nakalikutan lang pi ng isip ko na itanong sa inyo nawa po ay matulungan niyo kami, halos matapos po ang misa e umikot ikot at umulit ulit ang puntong gustong ipaliwanag ni Father.. Unang Juan quatro