Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Editorial about St. Pedro Calungsod

The Jesuits did not care to push for the canonization of Blessed San Vitores because Jesuits are expected to die for the Faith???? And they tons of Blesseds and Saints???

Or the Jesuits simply don't care about canonizations anymore?

Seriously, do we expect the Jesuits to die for the Faith today?

I read somewhere that this annoying Jesuit who smiles every morning, has high praises for his university's basketball win but in all truthfulness, is all for the RH Bill!

I think he'd rather die for a basketball championship rather than for the Faith, eh?

Seriously, aside from the usual high-praises and worship of Jesuits from a product of a Jesuit school, no harm intended for my Jesuit friends and friends who work or study in Jesuit institutions, this reflection of Teddy Locsin is nice...... surprisingly from a MASON like him.

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  1. When that JESUIT Priest was asked about What He thinks about the RH Bill he replied:

    "I would rather keep my views to myself,A YES or NO may Find me Uncritical".