Thursday, September 13, 2012

GULP Exam: EMHCs shouldn't be doing this!

No this is not ASH WEDNESDAY!

The EXTRAORDINARY Minister of Holy Communion is NOT ALLOWED by liturgical law to do this!


Well, what do you expect?  This came from Fr. Swswswswswshhhh's regular Sunday Dance Fest!

Post in the Comment Box your answers.

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  1. What was the occasion? What's the EMHC doing to the child's forehead?

  2. So TPC, no reply means you also don't have a clue what's his business there? hehehe.

    1. Bogey I have seen this done a couple of times and have even reminded one to stop doing it.

      The EMHCs role is in their name: Holy Commmunion. Their are EXTRAORDINARY Ministers, not special but out of the ordinary. EMHCs are not ALLOWED to assume gestures that are reserved for the ordained such as giving blessings.

      This guy here has all the best intentions but as I have blogged about soooo many times before, intentions are not enough.

      By the way, the fingers he used to touch and distribute the Blessed Lord is the same fingers on the child's forehead!

  3. Yan talaga ang pasaway na EMHCs
    feel nila mga pari sila...

    as Abp. Tagle mentioned in his local seminars when he was still the Bishop of Imus
    He stated that, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion MUST NOT act like priests.