Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Look who is on the RH payroll!!!

Seems the honorable and objective media men who "expose" the anomalies in government are the ones who are really getting paid by the financiers of the RH propaganda to sweeten things up and make it appear that they are after the truth and your rights!

Yeah!  After they got their pay checks from those pushing RH!

 Click that link to find out more!

Just as I suspected.

Ever since Ces Oreña Drilon got into that kidnapping mess, I knew there was something wrong with that woman.

Turns out she is not the media personality we all hoped to be.

And I always had that stinking feeling that most in the that network are up for sale if!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. How about protestant Karen Davilla. She seems to support the RH bill just wants to oppose anything Catholic.

  2. How Corrupt INDEED our Media is!!!!

    Remember The Lopezes(Owners of ABS),have a Foundation that Is Tied to Foreign Interests that Promote Family Planing

  3. The only broadcaster that I know so far who voices his opposition against the RH Bill is Mike Enriquez, a devout Catholic and a devotee of the Virgen de los Innocentes y Desamparados (Our Lady of the Innocents and the Abandoned) of Santa Ana, Manila.