Monday, July 30, 2012

Despicably cheap!

Catholics for RH is a brain-draining term.

You can't be Catholic and be for artificial contraception. Some may say that the Christians sin but it does not make them "not Christian".

True! But you cannot promote the immorality and the sin in public!

RH is against the moral doctrine of the Catholic Church!

Will this same group of people promote prostitution, child labor, drug addiction, gay marriage, if ever these things are discussed in Congress?

That is the same logic they are using.

You can't be someone who professes to be a member of an organization and yet you do your own smorgasboard of what that organization is supposed to be!

If you are an employee who just chooses which company policy you'd follow and disobey the ones you don't like, well expect the pink slip anytime soon.

But for these Catholics, who are obviously being well fed by the RH financial machinery, 30 pieces of silver won't hurt at all.

Probably, they want the whole world before they lose their soul in return.


Visit this the Catholic Position on the RH Bill to read the CBCP Statement against this group that calls itself "catholic"

Visit Dr. Quirino Sugon's blog to read his commentary about these wolves in "sheep's clothing".

So cheap to even call for prayer for the passage of an EVIL BILL!


  1. As I said in FB, Catholics for RH is like Iglesia ni Cristo for Dinuguan.

  2. I Challenge these Modernists to Publish their Own "HR for RH" Booklet so that WE can see their true colors!!!(and See their Heresies)

    Better yet,just Publish the "Rosary to Gaia"!!!